Hello, My Name Is: by Jonathan Oldacre
October 19, 2006, 8:10 am
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I would like to start my duties on Manspeak by confessing how unworthy and unqualified I am to be a part of this. My counterparts, except for Travis Maples, are (or were at one time) interns with Cornerstone Church of Knoxville. Plus, Mike is a pastor, and Jonathan is a caregroup leader. And while Travis and Jonathan are not directly connected to the church in occupation, they still have families, with Travis also being a dad.

Why am I here? Great question, I have no idea. I am the youngest and the farthest from being a man. I should be blogging on Kidspeak. I am surrounded by exemplary men, every one of them. Whether they are using this time in their life to serve the church or serve their families, they are doing far more than I.

Therefore, if anyone gets anything from my contribution, to God be the glory. Only by His grace and kindness will anything I do be of any good or use for I am the least qualified (if even qualified at all).

So, I am supposed to blog about manculture, eh? Fair enough.

I hope you enjoy!


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So…what’s going on with kid culture, sqatty? Any sales at K.B.Toys or Toys-R-Us this weekend? I mean….what is the news for Zeke (Mike’s son) and Sadie (Travis’s daugher)?

Comment by walterp

you didn’t really post anything there, squatty. I appreciate your humility and honesty. You seem to have a firm grip on reality. We are some pretty unqualified dudes, but you can’t let your inadequacies keep you from bringin’ the “kiddie” heat. At least post a story about legos or ninja turtles or something. we need some info, here. This is a blog, not a confessional. Womp!

Comment by kshipp83

Yeah, Squatty, give me my news and culture fix already!

Here’s a topic: Apple’s new iPod nanos. Should a man own a colored iPod? If so what colors are acceptable?

Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

I hope it’s ok I’m commenting…I am a man’s wife. Anyway, Squatty is a man. He single handedly carried 5 gargantuan bags of post-home-improvement rubbish off of my porch and into the back of his truck, only to discover that he could not back out of my driveway with the weight of the rubbage and therefore having to remove the bags, back up the truck, and then re-hoist the bags(for a 3rd time) into his truck. He did this all with a servant’s heart and blessed me and Mike emmensely. Thanks.

Comment by Anonymous

I second the nomination. Squatty is a man, just a short one.

Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

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