Local blogger thrown under the bus by Jonathan Oldacre
October 19, 2006, 4:22 pm
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KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (AP) — A local blogger is in critical condition after being thrown under the bus by 3 of his fellow bloggers. When asked about the incident, Squatty (amidst tears and weeping) replied, “I didn’t even see it coming.”

On October 19th at 8:10 am, Squatty posted a simple introduction so as to kill his own pride. Within a matter of hours, Walt Alexander, Kevin Shipp, and Jonathan Oldacre proceeded to toss Squatty under the bus. These three “men” are at this moment being investigated by local authorities. Most people believe that their blogging histories will be their down fall and that justice will prevail. One person was quoted as saying:

This is horrible. At first I thought [Jonathan] Oldacre was sticking up for Squatty by pointing out that Kevin didn’t post on his day at all, but then Jonathan accuses Squatty of not posting appropriately for his day when Jonathan didn’t post any real content on Monday either…simply appalling.

Some wonder, “Where is Todd in all of this? Doesn’t he also post on Thursdays?” Still others wonder about Jonathan Oldacre’s suggestion of a topic idea.

With so much blatant anger against one person, can Manspeak survive? Will Mike Plewniak have to lay down the law? Is it manly to throw people under a bus? Who cares about Ninja Turtles? Will Walt ever be funny or an actor?

Real cute, guys. It was as if my post was a reply to all email. you’re right Kevin “this is a blog.” Therefore, why are all of the comments from people who post on the blog? Have patience my manly members. Plus, all you guys did was further prove how unqualified I am. Finally, for those who don’t know us, we are not in any way angry with each other, except at Walt.


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Now he throws a pity party…What’s next, Squatty? A guest spot on Oprah? I was wondering where ol’ Doc Moles is as well. He kinda left you to fend for yourself!

You got me; I didn’t post anything of substance on Monday either. Someone had to kick it off with an introduction. It just happened to fall on my day!

Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

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