Why Evangelize? by Travis Evans
October 22, 2006, 3:21 pm
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Men, here at MANSPEAK Saturday’s have been set aside for the topic of evangelism.  Our hope is that this will inspire and encourage you to enjoy God in the declaration of His gospel.  It is also here that I will post helpful resources and tips as well as other topics regarding evangelism.
So with this first post I would like to challenge the fellas to step up to the challenge given to us by Jesus in his last words while on earth.   He has called us to “proclaim the gospel to the whole creation” (Mark 16:15).  What an exciting job we are called to!  But other than the obvious fact that Jesus has said it and we should obey, what other reasons are there for evangelizing?   Why evangelize?  Getting the why right will help prevent us from treating evangelism as another “to do” in our lives.

1. For our joy.
2. There is a real hell, it is a terrible place, and people will go there if they don’t repent and trust in Christ.
3. There are places and peoples who don’t worship God.

It’s this first reason I want to go into today—our joy!  Joy is to be had in evangelism!
John Piper has said, “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.”  When are we most satisfied in God?  I know that my satisfaction in God increases when I am telling others how great God is by sharing the Gospel with them.  My joy, already given to me in Christ, is completed when I am telling others of the treasure in the field that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 13:44.  Christ himself is that treasure!  Our Joy is in not only telling them of the treasure but in seeing them enjoy the treasure also.   Let’s experience the joy of God as we “proclaim the excellencies of him who called us out of darkness into his marvelous light.”(1Peter 2:9)

Take a minute to ponder the following quote from John Piper, found in How Does Christian Hedonism Relate to Evangelism?   “…joy which is our Christian duty to pursue does not reach its climax in a private communion with God. Rather, it reaches its fullest extent only when it is compounded by the joy of seeing others share in it with us. And these are not two different joys as if the good of man were somehow in competition with the glory of God. The sharing of a joy is that same joy in consummation.” – Piper How Does Christian Hedonism Relate to Evangelism?
Lastly, check out this resource that will assist you in your evangelistic endevours.  Mark Dever has called it his favorite evangelistic tool.  It’s called Two Ways to Live and you can access it here at Matthias Media
From Travis Maples, contributor


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Trav, Im so glad you’re doing this section of the Manspeak blog, because you provoke me. Your joy and your life engourage me to evangelism. Thank you.

Comment by joshcan

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