The Summit by Travis Evans
November 1, 2006, 10:42 pm
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posted by Jonathan
Tomorrow. It begins! Who’s the most insanely excited about The Summit?!


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I’m not. I can’t go, cause I’m a loser.

Comment by Boomer

You cant go because you didnt try hard enough. When I get back I’ll show you how much godlier and selflesser I got and you’ll be jealous..but only because you didnt go and didnt get it too.

Comment by Boomer

Josh actually wrote the last post but because Boomer was lazy and didnt log out I posted it under his name. If only you could go to the men’s conference and learn to not be so lazy…

Comment by joshcan

I can’t wait to hear Dave Harvey. This guy is outstanding at raising up young men as leaders, identifying leaders, training leaders… Boomer, get the cd’s, download the mp3’s, ask your roommates to take good notes, do whatever you can to hear these messages.

Comment by bigplew

I posted neither of the comments on this page, and, as I recall Joshcan, I had to erase your name the first time I ever posted so who be lazy now…( this will now envoke a response from joshcan about my inability to go to the conference).

Comment by Boomer

Wrong boomboom: I will INVOKE a response about your inability to spell. It’s much more subtle.

Wish you could have gone to the conference though. It was … really very good. Get the messages asap.

Comment by joshcan

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