Evangelism Starts with Prayer by Travis Evans
November 4, 2006, 4:45 pm
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by Travis Maples 

It’s Saturday, and all you guys must be on your way back to Knoxville by now.  I was not able to go to the men’s retreat in Charlotte.  I brought it up to my boss and he was not a big fan of the idea.  So I stayed back.  My wonderful wife, seeing that I was bummed about not being able to join the men in such unique fellowship, surprised me with an overnight stay by myself at a cabin in the Smoky Mountains for a personal retreat.  She knows how much I love the mountains, the woods, cabins, fireplaces, and some good books to get into.  She wanted me to have the opportunity to combine those things with time alone for prayer.  Since today is my day to post about evangelism and here I am praying and reading about prayer, I thought I’d combine the two.  So here is Spurgeon reminding us that evangelism must be rooted in fervent prayer: “The soul winner must be a master of the art of prayer.  You can not bring souls to God if you go not to God yourself.  You must get your battle ax and your weapons of war from the armory of sacred communication with Christ.  If you are much alone with Jesus, you will catch His Spirit.  You will be fired with the flame that burned in His breast and consumed His life.  You will weep with the tears that fell upon Jerusalem when He saw it perishing.  If you cannot speak as eloquently as He did, yet shall there be about what you say somewhat of the same power which in Him thrilled the hearts and awoke the consciences of men.”  (Soul Winner, p.231).


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Thanks for the reminder 🙂

Comment by Coops

I agree with you up to a point. Prayer is important and good; however, Jesus has called all of us to winning souls and often people are more involved with “prayer” than evangelism. I am not minimizing the power of prayer. Please keep in mind, though, that only 2% of born-again evangelicals ever share their faith. I recommend and watch the TV episode (online) titled “The Fireman”. They even mention some thoughts from Spurgeon about this very thing as well.

Comment by thelamp

Hey “Lamp”

Thanks for posting your thoughts! I really appreciate you taking time out to even read our blog. Please know I am not advocating the one over the other but rather the one with the other. I’m sorry if I miscommunicated that. I do think when we understand that Salvation is from the Lord from start to finish it will drive us to our knees for the lost. I also think that the one who lives evangelistically will not last long in the field lest they be one of prayer. I’m glad your a Way of the Master fan. I thank God for Kurt and Ray and their ministry. I have been heavily influenced by them as well. We have them linked on our blog as well. Thanks for your passion for evangelism.


Comment by Travis

Lamp & Trav,

It’s funny how many cults or strange deviations of Christianity are bascially born out of an unbiblical emphasis on a certain theme.

While things really haven’t stretched that far here, the idea is to simply keep it all in balance.

Here are two quotes I heard:
“We keep talking to men about God, but hardly anyone has the discipline to keep coming before God about men” (Or something to that effect) – Leonard Ravenhill

“It’s easier to talk to God about men than it is to talk to men about God” (again, something to that effect) – Ray Comfort

So I guess the lesson is this: Don’t forget either one.

However I’m still a firm believer in prayer before evangelism. Why? Because you shouldn’t do God’s work until you have spent time with Him and are right with Him. Secondly, doing so will prepare you properly & encourage you to spread His word.


Comment by Coops

Hey trav. Thumbs up. Told ya I was gonna post something.

Comment by joshcan

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