The Godly Man’s Picture: Study 3 by Travis Evans
November 10, 2006, 12:02 pm
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by Mike Plewniak

Well, we have finally reached the point where we begin to see the attributes of a godly man.

The first attribute is this: a godly man is a man of knowledge.

To become godly one must know God. Not just in theory or word, but to know him in your soul. “There is a great difference between one who has read of a country, or viewed it on map, and another who has lived in the country, and tasted its fruits and spices.” (p. 21) Do you know God? Do you enjoy God and delight in God? This is the kind of knowledge we start with to become godly men.

Watson gives us the ingredients of this knowledge of God. It is a grounded knowledge. You believe it. It is real. It is certain. Watson says it is a knowledge that you would die for. It is a knowledge that you are thankful for. It is a knowledge that brings life to you. When you wake up in the morning, fix your cup of black coffee and open the Word, it brings you to life. Unlike passive men who drift through their days lacking passion for anything of value, a godly man is enlivened by knowing God. He wants to talk about it, think about it, proclaim the truth of who God is into every area of his life. Watson says, “What pains, then, should we take in finding out the knowledge of God in Christ! There must be digging and searching for it.” (p. 26) Are you a godly man? Do you dig and search for the knowledge of God?

The godly knowledge applies the gospel of Jesus Christ. When you do this, not only are you saved by his blood, but you are desirious of obeying him and serving him. When we begin to obtain this knowledge, we are transformed. The Puritans were masters of application. For every piece of truth they obtained, they found dozens, even hundreds of ways to apply it to their lives. They lived upright and godly lives. They were men moved by truth to action. If we do not apply knowledge to our lives, “we are no better than baptized heathens.” (p. 25)

Let us lead in studying God’s word, in knowing God, and in applying the truth of God and the gospel to our lives. In all of our studies, this should be the greatest one: to know God. I would encourage you, especially young men, to study theology (the study of God). Read Grudems “Bible Doctrine” and begin to have a deepening knowledge of God. “To know arts and science is to gather straw, but to know God in Christ is to gather pearl.”

We need men who know God. We need men who know truth. We need men who discipline themselves to read and study and apply the gospel to their lives. Are you a godly man?

For next week: Sections 2-5; pages 28-37.


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So true. You MUST experience it to be able to know what it is truly about. It the difference between reading about what an orange tastes like and actually tasting an orange yourself.

Comment by Fritz

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