I keep on sinning, how do I change? Part 2 by Travis Evans
November 14, 2006, 2:40 am
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Bringing the ‘big picture’ of the gospel to bear on our lives destroys the self-sufficient, “grit my teeth” approach to putting off sin and growing in godliness. It moves us to pursue change in the context of our new identity in Christ.

Paul speaks about this in the 8th chapter of his letter to the Romans. He shows us where confidence for change in this life is to come from. He reminds us that:

– There is no condemnation from God for sin for those in Christ Jesus.
– We have been set free from the law of sin and death
– God has done what the law couldn’t do because of our weakness through His Son.
– God condemned sin in the flesh so that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk according to the Spirit
– In Christ, the Spirit now dwells in you. That amazing power that raised Christ Jesus from the dead is dwelling in you!
– God will give life to your mortal body now through that Spirit who dwells in you. The power of the resurrection is kicking around in your guts to give you new life and victory over sin. This is a big deal!
– By this Spirit we can: Put to death sin, have confidence that we are now sons and daughters of God, cry out to him like a small child cries out to his Daddy, understand and endure suffering for God’s glory, groan for the return of Christ to usher in the perfected kingdom of God where we will dwell with Him face to face, receive help in our present weaknesses, count on perfect intercession by the Spirit, that all things we face will work out for our good, that God will complete our salvation, we will be conformed to the image of Christ, and will one day be glorified when the Spirit’s work is done.
– God, who is the only Sovereign in this universe, is FOR you, and no longer against you.
– God did not spare His own Son for us, so we can be confident that He will provide for our every need.
– No one can bring charges against us before God, because He has justified us.
– We cannot be separated form the love of God in Christ.
– We are more than conquerors in this life through Him.

Paul understood the gospel, saw its power for this life and had confidence in the Spirit working in the lives of Christians; those in Christ. So, dig into God’s word, learn about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and all that it accomplished. Draw the connections to your life and struggles and see the Spirit of God do stuff. Change will happen because we have a big God who is passionate about His glory and because we are united with Christ, our good and growing in godliness is now bound up in that passionate Divine pursuit!


PS – I want to clarify something about my hatred for cats. There is a big difference between cats and kittens that is founded in deep theological truth. Cats are a curse brought into creation as part of God’s response to human sin. But before the fall kittens did exist. They were a blessing in this world and were cute and cuddly. They moved Adam and Eve to worship God. Then the fall and the curse came. Instead of kittens staying the cute little compassionate and loyal fuzz balls, they turn into the evil, proud, demonic creatures that have ruined this world we live in. So, don’t hate the kittens. You may be thinking, “Well, Kevin, I agree that kittens are great because they are so much like dogs, and I also agree that cats are evil and a thorn in our sides, but when do you know a kitten has become a cat so that you can kill it before it ruins your life?” Please submit your ideas of how we can tell when a kitten becomes a cat. Next week I will post the right answer. Below are two pictures that clearly reveal the difference between kittens and cats.

Kitten: sweet, innocent, cuddly, cute


Cat: Evil, proud, demonic



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Great post, kevin. Thanks for reminding us of who God is and of all the benefits of the Gospel.
I say that a kitten has become a cat when it no longer plays with a laser pointer on the floor, but just walks around indifferently.

Comment by Marko

Once a cat hisses, it’s history!

Comment by Chris Melander

You can tell when a kitten is becoming a cat when it starts getting chewier and it tastes more gamey like a deere.

Comment by Travis

… poor kitten.

Comment by The Puritan

Especially an Olde English Deere, Travis.

Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

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