The Godly Man’s Picture: Study 4 by Travis Evans
November 18, 2006, 12:02 am
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by Mike Plewniak

We’ve seen the first characteristic of a godly man, that he is a man who knows God. Today we are going to look at four more characteristics which I believe fall directly behind this first one: a godly man has faith in God, loves God (or as Watson says “is fired with love” — more of a manly way to love someone), is like God, and is careful about worshipping God. Once we truly know the God of the bible, the God of creation who rules, what appropriate response is there but to believe in him, love him more than anything else, want to be like him, and bow down and submit our lives in worship to him. This is what godly men do. This is how godly men live. They think about God. They are exact in knowing who He is. They respond to God appropriately.

Sounds pretty easy, huh? Well, there is a problem in each man — sin, our enemy within. Sin wants us to love ourselves more and God less. Sin wants us to esteem worthless idols. Sin wants us to live in darkness as to the knowledge and faith in God. Godly men hate sin and want to hate it more every day. Godly men want to kill sin in all it’s forms and deceptions. Watson says, “When I believe God’s love to me, this makes me weep that I should sin against so good a God.” Now, on this men’s blog, weeping is not highly esteemed. But I promise you, we will never make fun of a man who is weeping over his sin against God. Let us grow in doing this more. Why hate our sin and weep over it? Because God hates our sin and is completely and utterly opposed to it in his holiness. Watson says, “the holiness of God is the intrinsic purity of his nature and his abhorrance of sin.”

A godly man hates his sin and loves God. Watson compares a godly man’s love against the love of self, which remains true today, listen: “People are for the most part eaten up with self-love; they love thier ease, their worldly profit, their lusts, but they do not have a drop of love to God.” We are surrounded in our culture by men who love ease, worldly profit, lusts = men who love themselves. Let their be no mistake, those who love themselves more than God are not real men. Real men believe in God, worship him, serve him, and live their lives with this one great passion to make him known to everyone around them. Follow Watson’s advice and “let us test our godliness by this touch-stone: do we love God? Is he our treasure and centre?”

Is He? Was He today? Will He be your center and treasure tomorrow?

For next week, section 6. Pages 37-44.


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YES! and “To him who is able to keep you from stumbling and present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great JOY be all glory, majesty, dominion and authority.”

Comment by joshcan

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