by Travis Evans
November 29, 2006, 10:10 am
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Is this the kind of self-control we need?


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Take it off or DIE!!! I can still taste the vomit, and Walt what do you spend your time doing on the internet!?!?

Comment by joshcan

Walt, why is his face hidden? Who is this?

Matthew Reynolds? Cap Stewart? Mini-me?

Comment by bigplew

My goodness. THAT is disgusting!

Comment by Jonathan Oldacre


Comment by Slayer

Mike, its Cap Stewart! Have you noticed how big he has been getting? Must be working out with John Barbee.

To the rest of you, you have to admit that though it is disgusting, it is still quietly and yet loudly impressive!

And JO, the day you can do that we will NEVER pick on you again.

Running from fat Walt…..

Comment by walterp

Dude I can do that, I just don’t have that guy’s control.

Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

On a serious tip, Walter, how would you comment on this in relation to biblical masculinity vs. the world’s view of masculinity? Godly strength vs. ginormous pecs? Thoughts?

Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

It has nothing to do with biblical masculinity directly. Nothing. As Paul tells Timothy, “Rather train yourself for godliness, for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come” (I Tim 4:7b-9). So, bodily training is of some value – it keeps us fit for whatever the Lord may call us to do. And it definitely helps us see what training for godliness SHOULD look like. Training for godliness – like good weightlifting – permits no day off, no life of ease, no life of seconds and extra desserts. That’s why I think Paul included this comparison because we all know of dedicated athletes but not of men training for godliness.

However, around me (and I think I can speak for all you guys), by God’s grace, we see many men who train for godliness, who take no days off, who are sober-minded, fit, and strong for the glory of God. Praise God for those examples! They are a TREMENDOUS encouragement to us all!

Comment by walterp

That’s good, bro. Check out this sermon excerpt from Piper on being strong in the gospel. He touches on some of this discussion. This challended me! He’s addressing men on strength to do the hard things in life.

[audio src="" /]

Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

This video is not an example of self-control, it is an example of self-worship. (Besides, I never meant for it to be made public. I’ll bet John Barbee stole it and posted it online. Traitor.)

Comment by Cap Stewart


Okay, that was pretty funny. No sarcastic response needed. Good job.

Comment by bigplew

First off, i didnt post that comment up there. musta been todd again. Cuz if it was me i would have said something like it took all the self control in me to not hork all over the computer. Secondly, it looks like he’s got a hot dog under his skin and he’s workin it up and down. weird. PS: where did you come across this walt?

Comment by joshcan

I think it’s Walt…notice the butt-chin.

Comment by Travis

Honey, is that you?!

Comment by Kim

Should words like “honey” be allowed on manspeak? Unless you’re saying, “I stuck my hand in a beehive to get my honey instead of using one of those sissy honey-bears,” I’d vote no. Go eat some chips or something, Kim.

Comment by Bill P.

Would someone please post so I can stop looking at this picture every timeI get on manspeak?

Comment by Marko

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