The Godly Man’s Picture: Study 5 by Travis Evans
December 1, 2006, 1:06 pm
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by Mike Plewniak

Section 6: A godly man is a servant of God, not a servant of men.

We could spend months on this one section. This is a wise and helpful clarification for us as we seek to become godly men….we must be servants of God and not live to serve others. It gets tricky because God has called us to serve others, but ultimately our delight and goal must be to serve Him. So, what does it mean to be a servant of God?

It means that we must leave all other masters. Sin is no longer our master. We no longer rule ourselves. We are not independent. We are not self-serving. “A servant must not do what he pleases, but be at the will of his master” (p. 38). We must place ourselves at God’s disposal. This means that as leaders and godly men, we must do things that go against what feels good. We must lay down our lives and be willing to go to hard places, to do hard things, to be ridiculed if it means obeying God. “A godly man will follow Christ though it is death every step” (p. 39).

If we are following God, there should be a joy in where God has placed us. Whether we are sweeping floors, in front of thousands, or whether we are simply faithfully serving behind the scenes for years. If we are following and obeying God, there is a security and confidence that we are doing exactly what he wants. This will guard us from complaining. “When Christians complain at their condition, they forget that they are servants, and must live on the allowance of their heavenly Master. You who have the least bit from God will die in his debt” (p. 39). What a joy to know that we are serving this God. There is no one like him! There is no better master! We get the privilege of using our lives and energy to serve the God who created us.

Being a godly man also means we cannot live to serve men. Watson makes a great distinction that we are called to serve and love others, but our sinful hearts often make this “a sinful serving of men”. How do we know when we have moved from being servants of God to servants of men? “When men’s edicts have more force with us than God’s precepts, this is to be the servants of men.” Do you live for the approval of others? Do you serve so that other men will applause you? Do you commend yourself and make others aware of how much you serve? If so, you have become a servant of men.

Let me end with a challenge to all the men in VFC. We need men who will follow and obey God. We need men who are not captured by fearing what others think. We need men who will change direction when everyone is following the course of this world. We need men who know God, follow God, love God, and serve God. Will you be that godly man? Will you receive persecution for being holy and upright? Will you speak up for God’s honor and glory? Are you a godly man?

For next week: section 7, pages 44-55.


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EXCELLENT and convicting, thanks Plew!


Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

Great post. Thank you for challenging me. How amazing that we can trust God with our lives by serving faithfully wherever he places us. Our future is His plan. It gives great hope to poor, religious studies majors like me.

Comment by walterp

you majored in religous studies? what a hippie!

Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

“A godly man will follow Christ though it is death every step” (p. 39). Wow. That’s a truth both encouraging and devastating. It’s encouraging because death to self (for the purpose of pursuing life in Christ) is the gateway to eternal joy, but it’s devastating because sharp incisions of Scriptural truth like this don’t exactly make my sinful heart feel all warm and fuzzy (more like blood and gutsish).

Comment by Cap Stewart

Hey, JO, why do you have to pick on me when I am trying to cultivate a little biblical fellowship? That’s lame….you english major!

Comment by walterp

You raise an interesting point my Kashi-loving friend. Can biblical fellowship occur in an online environment? Thoughts?

Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

Cap, counter-intuitive, isn’t it? joy is really found in not serving myself but in serving others. We cross the river of ‘death to self’ to find joy on the opposite bank; hurts to put your flesh to death but there’s a purpose!

Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

Indeed, JO.

Comment by Cap Stewart

I think that that this devotional or mini message, whatever you want to call it, is exactly what drew me to CCK. I loved the service that I saw at CCK. Everyone was serving each other and not for their own selfish gain but to further God’s Kingdom. That is all I want to do. Thanks to everyone for being such great leaders and examples!

Comment by mini mike

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