Gospel-Strength by Travis Evans
December 11, 2006, 12:11 pm
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by Jonathan Oldacre

I came across this sermon by John Piper a couple of weeks ago and I thought this excerpt might serve you men (you can watch Dr. Piper preach it on video here as well):

Strength for Men in the Gospel

Men, boys, what about you? What do you dream of when you dream of being strong? That you can someday hold an Altoids tin and look “curiously strong”? Or to be the best player in a sport? Or to be the most shrewd stock broker and wield the power of money? Or to be educated and read Atlantic Monthly and listen to NPR and drop obscure names in cocktail conversations?

No. Only a fool wants fading power. Only a fool wants power that gives out just when you need it most. I’ll tell you the kind of power God is able to give you through the gospel. It’s the power to lead your wife and family in devotions; the power to say a simple word of truth when highly educated, secular, elitist complexity is all around you; the power to stand your ground and say no to a sinful behavior when everyone else is calling you weak; the power to press on against all obstacles in a cause of justice and mercy and truth when you feel that you have no more motivation.

Strength for All in the Gospel

God is able to strengthen all of you—men and women—with a kind of inner strength of soul through faith in Christ that makes you stronger in a wheelchair than ten thousand moral jellyfish drifting on two legs with the current of modern culture. What we want is the kind of strength that will be here when we are paralyzed and can only answer questions with our eyelids. And we know where it comes from: ‘Now to him who is able to strengthen you . . . be glory forevermore.’”

Amen! Let’s be strengthened by the gospel so that we won’t be “moral jellyfish drifting on two legs with the current of modern culture.”

Have a great week enjoying God!


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That was awesome!!!

Comment by Chris Melander

You gotta love Piper.

Comment by jmoore

amen Jeffe, amen!

Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

Melander, did you watch the sermon?

Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

JO: Concise. Gotta love it.

Comment by joshcan

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