Too much testosterone? by Travis Evans
December 12, 2006, 4:18 pm
Filed under: Roles and Relationships

by Jonathan Oldacre

I think the other guys are on a planning retreat for VFC; hence no Kevin-Shipp-‘mandomness’ today!

However, here’s an article by Dr. Mohler on a new ministry called “GodMen.” It’s true that we can’t ignore the clarion call of Scripture to be men of God, but these guys seem to advocate a more, as Mohler puts it, adolescent view of masculinity than a biblical one. You can read the full article here.

Any thoughts guys?


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I like blowing stuff up….

I think their celebration is their own masculinity, not Scripture. Men: ‘Be yourself’ is not Biblical. Be like Christ! Completely! Period! Exclamation point!

Comment by Squatty

I think that this GodMen minstry has a lot of the right principles. A lot of Christianity has become feminized, and a man should be the leader of the home. A man should not be afraid to be a man. However, these principles are missapplied here. Expressing your new found role as leader of the family by leaving you wife and infant at home to go on a camping trip is stupid. There may be a time where your wife could take care of things to allow you to go on a trip like that, but what the dude did was abandon his family. This doesn’t seem like Christ. Characterize that attitude with Jesus in John 10 and you’ll find a little difference.

Comment by psteele

Wow… I meant contrast not characterize… where did that come from?

Comment by psteele

I think christianity is more in need of a return to nature and a respect for our mother earth, rather than the big businnesss organization its become.
We can read the bible all we like but what we need to ask is, if Christ was here, would he really recognize modern day churchianity as anything like the message he brought.

Nobody needs Macho but we need Manly sure!

Comment by Dizzy

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