Merry Christmas Kevin… by Travis Evans
December 14, 2006, 11:23 am
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from JO


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I was hoping the cat would eat the chips and drink the pop.

Comment by Paul Schafer

I was hoping it would explode into one million pieces.

Comment by Anonymous

If you sit and watch the cat for 7 min and 13 sec, he gets up and does a dance, then sits back down again for the rest of the time (or, as far as I know. I only watched him for another 30 minutes after that.)

Comment by joshcan

I hate cats so much. That cat is just taunting me with his little human act. IT MUST BE STOPPED!!!

Comment by kshipp83

There is a book I recommend to you. It’s called Don’t Waste Your Life.

Comment by Travis

Josh, thats not true…. it takes 47 mins and 13 seconds, you forgot the 4 man. I’ve been home for 8 hours now and already it’s looking to be so productive!!

Comment by Nathan Simmons

I thought it was funny watching Kevin play with a cat a Charit Creek yesterday. Now he was comforting the cat with softly spoken words about its impending damnation, but he was petting the durn thing.

Comment by psteele

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