You Can’t Spell Man Without: Organization by Travis Evans
December 14, 2006, 7:10 am
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By: Travis Evans

They say that a cluttered desk is a sign of genius. Well, I say that a cluttered desk is a sign of laziness and a sign of an ineffective man. Organization promotes faithfulness to completing tasks that need accomplishing. Organization takes work and discipline.

Get a planner. Organization starts with your own life. PLAN! Whether it’s paper or electronic, pre-made or self-made, use a planner. Keep track of events and tasks. Stay on top of important dates and times. Find a planner that suites your needs best. I recommend Palm because they range in price to fit your budget, are very portable, and are multi-functional.

Straighten that desk! As the workplace of the modern-day warrior, the desk has become a catch-all in our offices and homes. Papers, CD’s, pens and pencils, food, and the “I don’t know what that is” are scattered, along with so many other things, all over. I dare say that the average desk has 10% of usable work space.

How can you straighten your desk? For the papers, invest in folders (and a filing cabinet or bookshelf if need be). Also, properly label your folders. For the CD’s, buy a CD rack or tower. I have several CD’s that I use often, so I have a small CD rack on my desk (this does take up space but is justified by the ease of getting the CD’s I use most often). For the pens and pencils (and paper clips, scissors, etc.), buy or use a container to keep them in. If any items are not a part of getting work done, throw them away or get them off of the desk.

Clean your ride. The car or truck is our 3rd home. We drive it; we eat in it; we take stuff in and out of it; and we sometimes work out of it. Things that remain in a car too long seem to disappear. If it is supposed to be in a car, have a way of storing it. Keep things in the glove-box to a minimal. If it is not supposed to be in a car, get it out.

Put things where they belong. No matter where you are or what you are doing, things should have a place where they belong and should remain there unless in use, especially at home. Use bins, shelves, boxes, racks, or whatever it takes to create places for items to “live.”


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Me: I hope my roommates read this.
My soul: I hope Jeff really reads this.
Planning/faithfulness is one area I am really trying to grow in. This line is so true and helps a lot: “Organization promotes faithfulness to completing tasks that need accomplishing.”

Gracias Travis

Comment by jmoore

I was going to write a rebuttal of this post in an attempt to excuse my laziness, but then I decided that would take too much work.

Comment by Cap Stewart

amen. Id write more but I ju

Comment by joshcan

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