For Christians There is No Mundane by Travis Evans
December 27, 2006, 9:41 am
Filed under: Evangelism

    by Travis Maples

    Over the Christmas break I was fortunate to spend a few days with my wife’s family near Chicago.  I love being around them because they challenge and encourage me in my walk with Jesus.  Here is just one example of such an instance.  On the night before Christmas eve we all have dinner at the Wildman’s(close friends of the family).  Following dinner all the guys(cousins & brothers)  go on a walk through a forest preserve.  It was nasty, muddy and alot of fun.  After the hike (if you can call a walk through a forest preserve in the flat lands of Indiana a hike) we all go to a cabin (if you can call an luxury addition to a garage with a massive fireplace, bunks and animal heads a cabin)  and talk about what God has done during our year and what we’d like to see him do in the upcoming year.  On the way to the cabin my brother Donnie and I were picking up some snacks at a gas station.  The cashier was complaining and growling about something when on our way out Donnie says “Merry Christmas!” with a joyful smile.  I didn’t hear the cashier say “Thanks, I needed that.” but Donnie must have.  So as I am getting in the car to leave Donnie told me he’d be right back.  I knew what he was going to do.  Cause that’s what Donnie so often does.  He seeks opportunities throughout his day to share the truth of Jesus with people.  He went inside and continued what it seemed God had begun.  He asked her “Ya know why you can have a Merry Christmas?” He continued “Because God sent his only Son Jesus Christ into this world to live a sinless life and die for your sins”  He went on to invite her to his Church.   “That’s where it’s at ” I thought to myself. 

    That’s where the evangelistic life is supposed to be lived for all of us.  Donnie saw the opportunity because he was looking.  As were going about our day there shouldn’t be a mundane.  We are to be constantly looking for and asking for opportunies.  I was inspired and provoked together to share the gospel more.  There are dying people all around and I say “Put $20 on pump five” and go on about my way.  I’m reminded by Donnie that every person I’m next to is my neighbor every place I am in is my field.  Thanks Donnie, Love you Bro! 


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Check it out! Theres no words to this, but it gets me excited to share the gospel more.

Thanks for the post trav.

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