Abiding in Christ by Jonathan Oldacre
January 22, 2007, 4:44 pm
Filed under: Devotions

by Jonathan Oldacre
fountain.jpgThis morning marks the first in a series of posts on the topic of ‘abiding in Christ.’ That phrase comes from John 15 where we’ll be exploring the riches of this text in order to make some application. Today we’ll see the gospel as the fountain of the Christian life, and in the next few weeks we’ll work at understanding how we abide in Christ’s love and truth.

We have an entire year before us, a veritable blank-slate, and it’s important 1) that we don’t forsake the old for the new, and 2) that we tighten our grip on the gospel. What do I mean by forsaking the old for the new? It’s simple. New resolutions, new activities, new books, and ‘newness’ at large all have the potential to crowd out the most important thing: the 2000 year old gospel of Jesus Christ!

Have you already put the gospel on the shelf this month in favor of studying something new? It’s a common temptation; we need to be on guard against letting it slip from our grasp!

We begin with the finished work of Christ as making our abiding in Christ possible! Listen to this quote from George Smeaton (not Smeagle):

“The great peculiarity of their [the Apostles] teaching, as compared with the other teaching of Scripture, is that they treat it [the atonement] as an accomplished fact; and this single circumstance accounts for all that is distinctive in the statements of the apostles as compared with the sayings of the Lord Jesus.”

What struck me about this statement is that the atonement is an “accomplished fact.” It’s done. Period! The wrath of God has been atoned for by Jesus Christ alone, and the Savior’s very own righteousness is now credited to all those who would turn and trust in Him. Are you trusting in Christ? If not, the Lord would call you to humble yourself, to turn from your many sins and put your trust in what Christ has already accomplished, and to have all your sins forgiven and receive the free gift of God’s grace today!

The Cross is a fixed fact of history that nothing can or ever will alter. It’s hope for the hopeless. It’s new-life for the unbeliever. It’s the strength of the Christian from start to finish. Abiding in Christ begins with turning from our sin and trusting in His finished work! This is the fountain from which we drink to obtain all the strength we need for living a life passionate for the Savior this coming year. Is this where you’re starting out? Are you thirsty already? Are you returning again and again and again to drink from the doctrine of the atonement? Are you abiding in Christ?


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Are you going to read Smeaton? He’s really good…

Comment by bigplew

I did start reading “The Apostles Doctrine of the Atonement.” It looks promising. How far are you into it? I think I’m through his first point in chapter 1.

Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

maybe 40-50 pages in…but I’m loving it so far.

Comment by bigplew

Its actually spelled “Smeagol”. Not that I’m a nerd or anything.

Comment by joshcan

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