Reaching the Lost Tribe of [your company] by tmaples
January 27, 2007, 3:27 pm
Filed under: Evangelism

 by Travis Maples 

Recently I heard a sermon at Cornerstone from Larry Malament on the centrality of the local church in missions(the act of fulfilling the Great Commission).  It has really inspired me to view my job as a mission field since not all of us are called to Burma, India or anywhere else but Knoxville.  I view my company as I would a tribe in the darkest nooks and crannies of Asia, Africa or the “10/40 window” (the lat/long of the least evangelized places on earth).  I work to try to view myself as an ambassador with a message from the King sent to my company.  It is so easy to hear a message about missions and reaching the globe with the gospel and get swept away in romanticism.  May we each view where we are presently as our mission field.  I’m so thankful we have men bringing us back to reality.  We can get carried away thinking about unreached peoples on the other side of the globe while overlooking our neighbor with the broken marriage or our co-worker who is killing himself to serve money & possessions. 

Here’s a peak into my world to show you how I am trying to apply this at work in hopes that you will get some ideas on how to apply this at your work, in your class, or with your family.  I am attempting to show the love of Christ to my boss by working hard for him, by not criticizing him to other co-workers and by encouraging others to follow his leadership.  And it is on this foundation that I have shared the gospel with him and several of my co-workers.  The Holy Spirit has used that foundation to soften their hearts and give credibility to the message I bring.  I have experienced God’s favor in amazing ways while at work.  My boss now comes to me with questions and concerns about Christianity.   One of the gospel tracts that was given to one of my co-workers has made it’s way into the hands of one of the cleaning staff that asked for some more.  Let’s take God at his word and take a risk at our offices and classes.   Please know that this is not always the response to sharing the gospel with someone.  If it were we would cease to be dependant upon God for the salvation of the lost.  We would turn our trust from God to some system or method hence making it man-centered and not God-centered.  Be aware that you could step out to share at your office or with your classmates only to be rejected and criticized for Christ sake, but love them enough to take a risk anyway.  


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Awesome post! I’m sure everyone benefitted from the peak into your world–I know I did.

Love, Your Wife

Comment by Amy

thanks for glorifying God in your work buddy. Excellent!

Had a blast at the monster truck rally tonight as well!


Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

Hey, check out this article, i think you’ll like it. It’s about the West being viewed by Christians in other countries as the mission field. Pretty interesting perspective.


Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

JO – you should read the book “The Next Christendom: The coming of global Christianity.” It’s about the same thing the article is…Tommy Hill had recommended it a couple of years ago, and i found it very helpful. Pretty soon, missionaries from other counties wil be coming to the bible belt to reach out to us!

Comment by bigplew

I read that article and tried to imagine what it would be like for the Korean & Indian brothers to bring the gospel to the self sufficient wealthy America. Planting churches and evangelizing the Bible belt.

Comment by Travis

Excellent link JO. Thank you. I particularly liked “I may wonder what kind of mission God has for me, when I should ask what kind of me God wants for his mission.”

Thanks for the subject Travis.

Comment by Morgan

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