The GUN Award: The man women love to hate by tmtd
February 1, 2007, 5:11 pm
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The G.U.N. (Guys Understanding Need) award is given to highlight men who understand there need for Gods favor in several daily massive doses, and the necessity of being a conduit of the same need in others.

The Gun award for this month goes to Kevin Shipp.


Most men think of leadership and manliness by “calling the shots” and the glory involved in this. But, here at Manspeak real men “TAKE the shots!” Last week Kevin wrote a post about how women are different than men. In this hilarious story Kevin is very transparent about his idiocy, arrogance, thoughtlessness, and inconsideration. Kevin is very aware of his need for Gods help because of such things. Furthermore, the guy is my roommate, and I get to see his humility up close and personal. There are three points that I want to bring to light as to why Kevin is the appropriate recipient of this award.

The Good:

Kevin is humble and transparent, and that requires a sober estimation of himself. He faithfully declares his shortcomings with a repentant spirit. Kevin is typically very considerate: he often uses his rocket scientist like mind to think of the benefit of others in his attitude and action. I saw it in his controversial post, and the accuracy of his statements about the most elusive creature on the face of the earth: woman. I see it when he leads groups, and asses very well what is best for them at that time. He has been given insight from God to understand peoples needs very well, and I myself am a benefactor of this grace in his life.

The Bad:

The dude drinks soy milk for crying out loud! Soy milk naturally has female hormones. (maybe that’s why Kevin understands women so well?) Let’s just say this is a bad thing for a MAN to drink. Kevin, I beseech you to stop! Kevin often times is overcome to say “HEY, BUUUUUUUDY!” while cocking his head like a dumb cow, and letting his tongue hang out of his mouth, chewing on it as he yells. The Look in his eye while doing this concerns me of his present mental state. Also, Kevin possesses a hand which appears to have a mind of its own. It is often seen jumping in spider-like movements, or acting like a grazing brontosaurus that can never seem to get its head all the way up, or manifested as the infamous fighting narwhals (this requires both hands and can often lead an observer into hallucinations, comas, or uncontrollable convulsions). Kevin is not “normal.”The Ugly:

Kevin is a guy who is “taking the shots” not “calling the shots.” He is honest about his mistakes, and does not put those mistakes into a positive light. He took the shot of his own sin in last week’s controversial post. There are some who thought his recent post to be very offensive, and proceeded to explain to him (and everyone else) who he actually is, with many accusations and low blows to Kevin, the blog, and our church. Kevin responded humbly and in a God honoring way. He didn’t retaliate to the attacks because he knows well the proverb: “Correct fools in their folly and they will hate you.” He didn’t start a endless debate on the comment page, and give people even more opportunity to sin in there malice. We are writing to the college guy demographic, and the last thing they need is to hear some liberal woman rant on about Kevin’s mistake! They DO need to hear of mistakes and how not to do the same. So, in the ugly mess of all this we see even more clearly why men should take the shots like Kevin. He is a great example to the intended audience (the future leaders in the church) of honesty even in his sin, patience for our opponents, and power to change into a God-honoring, compassionate, humble, loving, leader.

Thanks Kevin for trusting God. Thanks God for showing your power, love, compassion, patience, and wisdom in and through Kevin.

-Doc Moles


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Women arent elusive. They’re just…I just cant talk about it now!

Comment by Chatty Downtrodder

Excellent post Doc Moles! Very manly. I have only two comments for your consideration:
1) as your editor, I recommend putting the word “assesses” in place of … ahem.. the other word.
2) i once saw the fighting narwhals and lived to tell the story!

Comment by joanna

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