The Godly Man’s Picture: Study 9 by bigplew
February 9, 2007, 10:43 am
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by Mike Plewniak

A godly man is a humble man! As you read through these 10 pages that Watson has written, every word and sentence is rich with meaning and application. It would take several posts to review it all, so I thought I would do a summary in my own words of his ten point answer to this question: “how may a Christian know that he is humble and consequently godly?”

1. A humble man does not think high thougths of himself.

Watson says, “A humble man has lower thoughts of himself than others can have of him.”

2. A humble man considers others better than himself (Phil. 2:3).

Watson: “A humble Christian studies his own infirmities and another’s excellencies and that makes him put a higher value upon others than himself.”

3. A humble man does not boast about his accomplishments or what he’s done.

4. A humble man boast in his weaknesses (and thus the power of Christ).

5. A humble man worships God in suffering

6. A humble man magnifies Christ!

Watson: “He gives away to Christ the honour and praise of all he does. Let Christ wear those jewels.”

7. A humble man takes correction (and I would add that he should pursue corrrection). See Proverbs 9:8

8. A humble man is willing to serve without recognition. Along with this, a humble man is just keeping the seat warm for someone more gifted than himself to take his spot.

Watson: ” A humble Christian is content to be laid aside if God has any other tools to work with which may bring him more glory.”

9. A humble man is grateful no matter what his circumstances.

Watson: “A proud man complains that he has no more; a humble man wonders that he has so much.”

10. A humble man does not consider himself above or beyond anyone.

So, are you humble? No? Well listen to Watson’s instruction on how we can grow in humility. We can “set before us the golden pattern of Christ.” Study Philippians 2. “Look at the humble Savior, and let the plumes of pride fall.” Study God’s holiness. Read through Isaiah 6, 40, and Psalm 8. Finally, in light of God’s holiness, study yourself. Study your dark side and your sinful nature. Study God’s work in your life and what He has done. When we compare ourselves to the majestic, holy, all-knowing, all-powerful, perfect God, pride has no ground to stand on. Psalm 8:3-4: “When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him?”

For further study: I highly recommend C.J. Mahaney’s book “Humility”.

For next week: pages 87-103


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Thanks for the post, Mike. Encouraging, convicting and, well, humbling.

Comment by Cap Stewart

My problem with humility is wondering how one goes about being humble without that thought creeping in saying “Ha, I’m humble. Did you see that? I was humble. Whoops, that didn’t last long…”


Comment by postalhoot

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