Music that will make you excited by Kevin Shipp
February 12, 2007, 10:20 pm
Filed under: Humor

Here’s some videos that will get you pumped about quirky creativity. Enjoy.

Beck – Clap Hands

Creative and really catchy

Danielson Famile – Did I Step on Your Trumpet?

One of my favorite musicians since early High School. They keep it fresh and silly.

OK Go On Treadmills



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Have you seen this,

Comment by Colin Zerk

The Beck video is one of the coolest performances I’ve seen in a while.

Comment by bigplew

That Beck performance is AMAZING! If any of you guys can do that at VQ, you win hands down.

Comment by Slayer

The Beck performance (the type, not the exact song) is exactly what the VQ talent show needs. Quirky, talented, and super fun to watch. That’s talent. It wouldn’t puff up either. Who goes around saying, “Dude I can play a killer casarole dish” or “My fork-to-crystal triplets blow Sunny Day Real Estate out of the water.”

Comment by Kevin Shipp

Nice, I saw that on SNL a few months ago. The Mullet song 5 years ago has to be tops on my list of VQ originality and performances. I’ll never forget Richard Mann waving those luscious locks.

Comment by Ryan Hughes

Ryan, what’s “tops” on your list is what I want to forget. Josh and Richard with those killer mullets is a picture I pray is removed from my memory. Why Lord, why?

Comment by bigplew

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