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February 14, 2007, 11:42 am
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A friend of mine has always reminded me to marry up (not hard for me!). Well, fellas, on January 20th, I didn’t just marry up. I married WAY UP.

Here are just a few reasons why I love my Valentine, Mrs. Kimberly Nguyen Alexander:

1. She is gorgeous! She is beautiful! I could write much, much more here but I’ll move on lest any single guy struggle.

2. She is the most joyful person I have ever met. I’ll admit my Mom is pretty stinking joyful, but Kim wins by a long shot. Our home is filled with her joy in the Lord. There is not often I a day when she is not filled with joy (except when I do something stupid). Babe, your joy in the Lord me much joy this past year!

3. She is very encouraging. She is often encouraging me and challenging me. But beyond that, she is constantly encouraging others around her. Just last night, she was pointing out to me how God was working in another girl’s life. Babe, I cannot wait to see the long-term effects of this encouraging spirit on our family.

4. She is a thankful person. Dave Puncochar has said that Kim is the most grateful person he has ever met. I could not agree more. Babe, I am consistently provoked by your gratefulness and your eagerness to thank others. This I treasure about you.

5. She loves to laugh – any of you that know her know this is true. We spend a lot of time laughing in our house.

6. She loves me. This I believe is the most honorable trait. Not only do I have the second largest head in VFC (second to Jake Simmons), but I also have a butt chin, a deviated septom, a significantly large forehead (a chromagnon if you will), zero muscles, and a destined-to-return gut. In addition to all this, I am an overall screw-up. I succeed at dropping the ball. And she loves me!!

Babe, it has been a blast being married for almost one month! Lord-willing, I look forward to many, many years as your husband and the father of our children!!

So, guys, this is the call on your life. Marry up and you will be blessed. “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.” Proverbs 18:22

P.S. The picture is of Kim and I in Antiqua on our honeymoon.


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Thanks Walt for the encouragement to marry! We really need it. phhhhhhh… Like telling a fish to swim.

Comment by TMT

awwwww, so sweet! Congratulations, and Happy Valentines to you lovebirds 😉

Comment by BrittLeigh

Thanks so much for the kind words! It’s my privilege to be your wife! There is much joy in being married to you! I am so thankful for a godly, loving husband! 🙂

Comment by Kim

Notice that Kim didn’t say “handsome.”

Comment by Cap Stewart

That is the first thing I noticed too cap.


Comment by jmoore

1 Dozen Roses for Valentine’s Day: $75
1 Box of chocolates: $25
A dinner at her favorite restaurant: $55

Doing a post on the Manspeak blog: Free


Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

As much as I want to make fun of your love laden post to your sweetheart, I am challenged to tell my wife likewise how I appreciate her. Thanks for the great post!

Comment by Ryan Hughes

Jonathan- hilairous!!!

Well said Walt!

Comment by Trillia

Spurred on by Walt (and more honestly Jonathan’s) post, I must add my two cents worth.

Undoubtedly, at least a portion of the credit to Kim being such a lovely wife must go to Kim’s wonderful sister, my lovely wife, Diem (humanly speaking and of course, from my love-struck biased point of view).

So, at risk of further challenging the single guys, I must also recount some of the many, many reasons that I love my Valentine (we are celebrating tonight – too hard to find babysitters for V-Day):

1. I have never met a more selfless person in my entire life. She is constantly laying down her life and her preferences for others. For example, with three kids age three and under, one would assume that she would be looking for opportunities to get away from it all. However, the opposite is generally the case. I often have to virtually force her to get away and enjoy herself. Why? Because she loves serving her children and her (often ungrateful) husband. And she does with much, much joy. It’s staggering to me.

2. She loves to worship God. She has a tender heart for the things of God. Her amazement that God saved her is revealed in her expressive worship and passionate prayers to God.

3. She is tremendously gifted in hospitality. This is an off-shoot of #1, but it deserves a seperate reference. When others come to our home, they leave feeling cared for, and trust me, it’s not because of me. From finding out food preferences to preparing take home plates, Diem is attentive to the little details that make one feel cared for. And it genuinely flows from a heart of love for others. This constantly challenges me to do the same.

4. Diem is absolutely beautiful, but for some reason (try a miracle), she chose me!! Although I am not as ugly as Walt, I too am asthetically challenged, as any common Joe can see. My pot-belly has come and is for all likely purposes here to stay. I have virtually no lips. I have four pinky toes (but only ten toes in total). And my muscles are disproporionately large for my head. However, you would never know it by the tender way that my wife loves me (perhaps its sympathy – if so, I’m okay with that).

All that to say that I am indeed a very blessed man!

Diem – after over 10 years of marriage, I am undoubtedly more in love with you today than ever before!! I do not deserve a Godly wife such as yourself. Thank you, thank you, thank you for loving me and for all that you do for our family!!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Comment by Chris Trump

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The results were startling: women are part of this repugnant odor, and the other part is very attractive, resembling the smell of vanilla, and the third group have not felt any smell. The authors argue that the reason is that the differences in the receptor responsible for the olfactory system, from different people are different.

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Comment by Moursiows

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