The Godly Man’s Picture: Study 10 by bigplew
February 23, 2007, 12:40 pm
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by Mike Plewniak
A review of pages 87-103.

This week we are reviewing two characteristics of a godly man. He is a praying man and a sincere man. We are in the double digits now, so if you are just joining in, you can review the first nine studies by clicking here.

A praying man. What does this mean? Why is this important? First of all, prayer reveals dependence and trust. Obviously, to be a godly man, you must depend on God and trust in God. If you are not praying to God, the question quickly becomes “are you trusting in him or yourself?” To lead others to love God more, you must love God and be dependent on him. Acts tells us that “in him we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28, actually review this whole chapter of Acts). Watson says, “Prayer is the soul’s traffic with heaven. God comes down to us by his Spirit, and we go up to him by prayer” (p. 87). What should our prayers look like? Watson says they should be: with knowledge, with desires, fervent, from a broken heart, believing, holy, humble, in the name of Christ, out of love, with spiritual goals, partnered with works, and it should have an effect upon our heart. That’s quite a list! Yet it is a list that godly men should aspire to live out in our prayer lives. Men, if you do not pray, you are not fit to lead. Hit the ground, put your noses in the dirt, and cry out to God from a humble heart. Then, have confidence that this almighty, all-knowing God hears your prayers and will answer them.

A godly man is a sincere man. The opposite of this is a hypocrite. Someone who deceives others to make them think he is something he really is not. “A godly man is what he seems to be…the hypocrite is not what he seems” (p. 97). To be sincere means that we are honest with our sins, that we have accountability, that we do not try to hide our faults to appear more godly and mature then we actually are. “The hypocrite veils and smothers his sin. He does not cut off his sin but conceals it” (p. 97). Men, I want to encourage you that the more you confess and reveal your sin, the more grace there is awaiting you. The greater we see our sin, the greater the cross becomes in our eyes.

Let me just finish with this quote from Watson that stuck me in the heart: “One scandalous hypocrite makes the world suspect that all professing Christians are like him” (p. 102). Let us not make the world think that we are sinless because we are Christians, but let them see how much we need a Savior and how desperate and dependent we are on God.

For next week: pages 103-118


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Thanks Big Mike! This really spoke out to me, cause lately my prayer life has been on the rocks. I have been so busy as of late then when bed time comes, I just hop in bed and forget all about it, or I just ramble something and don’t mean it full heartedly. I ask that you guys continue to keep me in your prayers, I know that God is at work in my life. My prayer is to represent Christ well, so He will say “Well done my good and faithful servant.”(Matt 25:21)

Comment by mini mike

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