Speaking of lazy… by bigplew
March 22, 2007, 12:33 pm
Filed under: Humor

by Mike Plewniak

This new creation takes it to new levels.


“The Wave Chaise is a multifunctional chaise longue concept designed by Roberta Ramme and incorporates everything a person would ever want in the comfort of a chaise longue. It has a built in TV, DVD player, CD player, phone, study, internet, etc.”


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Comment by psteele

That is by far the single greatest multifunctioning waste of money I have ever seen. Did it mention if the thing doubles as a Transformer or reading lamp or something else really cool or is that list it? Tell me it at least makes Jullian Fries. Because if it made fries then it would be totally worth the exorbitly large amount of money. Because food is all that matters to me.

Comment by Jason Hiett

this just reinforces the John Piper comment:
“And add to that now the computer that artificially recreates the very games that are already so distant from reality; it is like a multi-layered dreamworld of insignificance expanding into nothingness….”

Comment by Matthew Reynolds

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