Bird Dogs & Sharpshooters by tmaples
March 31, 2007, 7:48 pm
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by Travis Maples 

Charles Spurgeon, in the quotes below, traces the roots of the success he experienced in his ministry to the zeal and passion in the members of his church for evangelism.  

“…so many of them are on the watch for souls.  There is one brother especially who is always looking after any hearers who have been impressed.  I call him my hunting dog, and he is ever ready to pick up the birds I have shot and bring them to me.”(P. 130)

“We need a body of sharpshooters to pick out their men one by one.  When we fire great guns from the pulpit, execution is done, but many are missed.  We want loving spirits to go around to deal with the individual cases in the singular by pointed personal warnings and encouragement. “(P 169)

Are we “bird-doggin” at our churches?  Are we sharpshooters for our pastors?  The pastor can blast away from the pulpit his “great gospel gun” but he will miss some.   I want to be that kind of man who will be on the lookout not only on the streets but in the pews as well.  The oppurtunities for evangelism are often right under our noses in the place we would think to look last, seated next to us in church. 


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Thanks for this … I immediately thought of someone I knew I needed to reach out to with the Gospel as soon as I read this. I am inspired to boldness everytime I read your posts.

Keep it up!

Comment by Mickey Mouse

yeah, dude. I love this. Thats a really cool explanation of how the church “when each part is working properly, makes the body grow, so that it builds itself up in love.” Reminds me that there is no distinction in the sacred and secular, too. I can be just as much a part of cultivating the Gospel in someone as a college kid as a pastor! Gracias trav.

Comment by joshcan

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