March Madness Madness by Kevin Shipp
April 3, 2007, 2:06 pm
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Now that March Madness is over and the Florida Gators have once again claimed an NCAA title, I thought I would take some time to comment on this whole college basketball phenomenon. For most men, sports are a huge deal. Especially college basketball. Every year, as the college basketball season reaches its climax in March, men all over the country get completely obsessed with their predictions of each game.

I think there is an opportunity to investigate the state of our hearts in the midst of all of this. Sure, I think it is a great thing to compete with one another and joke around and give each other a hard time in a fun and lighthearted manner. However, sometimes, I think filling out those little brackets can reveal pride. Everybody wants to have that unique thought that they believe no one has ever considered before. “Well, even though Team A absolutely slaughtered Team B during the regular season, I think Team B’s defense has matured since then and will be able to shut down Team A’s high scorer. Also, Team B is from a warm, humid climate, so when they played Team A at home in their colder climate, their chemistry was all off, so playing in (City with a comparable climate to Team B’s city) will give them the advantage.” As if this is some kind of major insight that the 350 full time employees that track and analyze college basketball wouldn’t have considered when they were ranking the teams going into the tournament. That is, if the climate thing would even be a factor. (Last time I watched a college game, they were in a climate controlled arena. I’m not a genius, but I would bet the temperature and humidity would be pretty much uniform regardless of what city you were in. Just a thought.)

Let’s be honest guys, our best predictions are just guesses at best. Sure, you can follow the games and come up with your own stats all day long. You may even neglect real responsibilities that God has called you to by filling your time with watching games and studying every detail of every game on ESPN afterwards. But we know that God is ultimately in control of who wins what game. But even considering God’s sovereignty, the immediate reasons why this team wins and that team loses probably comes down to things that statisticians don’t even consider like: Maybe the center for Team A ate a heavy, fried meal the night before and just felt fat and sloppy all day leading up to the game and so performed poorly. Or maybe Team B’s power forward was watching a romance movie that made him sad and so he was distracted during the game because of how closely he identified with the main character’s misery. Or maybe even the coach wasn’t on top of his game because he felt ugly and old when he looked in the mirror that morning.

So, guys, lets have fun with our brackets and be willing to laugh at ourselves and all of the ridiculous reasons we pick this team over that team, etc.

Now for some feed back: What are some of the most ridiculous reasons you have heard for why Team A should beat Team B? How did you do with your bracket this year? Did you ever have really heated “discussions” about basketball this past March? Were you upset when you did poorly or gloat when you did well? Any other comments?


PS – I know absolutely nothing about college basketball and only watched about 1.3 games this season, but my bracket won in the small pool of about 12 people that I competed against. I even had Florida and Ohio St. in the final game with Florida winning! What is my secret? I trust the hundreds of sports fanatics that sit around analyzing each team and ranking them against one another and just filled mine out based on those rankings. (Except a few games, where I hated one team’s uniforms or something.) Booya!


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On the note of ugly uniforms:

You must have had Oregon losing very early then…

Comment by jkelfer

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