WHERE’S FAT JON? by walterp
April 9, 2007, 1:28 pm
Filed under: Humor

There used to be a blogger named Fat Jon who used to blog on Mondays, but recently he has been suspiciously absent.

Where are you Jon? Lost in a sea of Debbie cakes? Doritos?

Consider the ant, Jon!


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Walter, some of us live in a place known as “the real world.” I know it’s hard for you to imagine right now, but one day you may have a thing called a “job” where you “work.”

Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

Now, Jon, that is a classic, defensive response…taking the eyes off yourself and turning them towards someone else. The facts stand: you haven’t posted in weeks!!

Comment by walterp


Why don’t you go sit in a Starbuck’s somewhere on your Apple and do some “Planning”. Hey we’d love the time to sit around and throw other’s under the bus.

Break You Down!


Comment by Travis


How many tractors have you sold lately? Too many to post on Saturday?

Comment by walterp

Walt, shouldn’t you be on another retreat?

Comment by hahaheehee

seems like everyone is pridefully pointing out the flaws in others without humbly addressing their own.

The Old Guy

Comment by Boomer

thanks for pointing out our flaws….boomer.

Comment by bigplew

guys, guys, guys

can’t we all just get along?

Comment by Nathan Simmons

NO! Not until I break Walt down.


Comment by Travis

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