Evangelism Experience by tmaples
April 10, 2007, 10:07 pm
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By Travis Maples


This past Thursday a couple of buddies and I went out to Market Square to share the gospel with whoever we could find.  We were able to have some interesting conversations with some folks.  There were a couple things that really stuck out to me.  The first was the deadness of men’s hearts without Christ.  The second was the prevalence of relativism in our culture. And the third was the need for prayer in the face of such insurmountable odds. 

Their deadness was evident in my inability to reason with them about truth.  It was also evident in their adamant opposition towards truth as revealed in Christ.  And sadly their deadness was also apparent in the hopeless apathetic regard they had for life.  I walked up to the four of them and I said hello and handed them an invitation to our church.  They told me in no uncertain terms they weren’t interested.  In fact one of them said Christianity was a bunch of B.S.  I told him I appreciated his honesty but inquired why he thought so.  He said, “Look man you’re wasting your time.”  Then they began to tell me that I had my beliefs and they had theirs.  Just to clarify, I asked if they thought truth was relative, then.  They said, “Yeah.”  I asked them if that’s the case then what’s to stop me from killing someone because in my worldview killing people is accepted and okay to do.  They were starting to get impatient.  I said, “Look guys, I believe there is such a thing as absolute truth.”  They replied, “What is truth?”  I quoted Jesus when he said “I am the way the life and the truth.”  I then explained that truth is reality and the reality is that God created all things (including them) and that He loved them enough to send His Son to die for them.  At this point, they got up and walked off like “whatever man.”


Relativism doesn’t hold water, yet it’s so prevalent in our culture.   These guys reminded me of that.  If what is true for me is true for me and what’s true them is true for them then who were they to pass judgment on what I believe, why did they call Christianity B.S.?  If you’re a relativist then you can’t pass judgment or give approval for that matter to any set of beliefs.  You have no seat at the table of reasonable dialogue.  If they were consistent in what they held to be true, that everyone has their own truth they live by, then they should’ve been accepting of  what I believe or at the very least treat it as another legitimate worldview.  Instead they proceeded to call what I hold to be dear a load of B.S.  The truth is they really don’t believe that truth is relative.  The fact of the matter is they cannot be absolutely sure there are no absolutes, they can’t be certain there are no certainties.  When we evangelize we can go out with full confidence that the people we’re interacting with are aware of God and His standards.  Romans 1:18 tells us that unbelievers “…by their unrighteousness suppress the truth”.  They do this to suit their own ends namely self worship.  They are trying to disregard God and shrug off the accountability that is due Him. Regarding this verse the Reformation Study Bible states that “It is not that the truth is sought but cannot be found, but rather that, confronted with the truth (which is ‘clearly perceived’v.20), fallen humanity seeks to hinder and obstruct its influence…” 

The deadness of men’s souls and the prevalence of relativism in our culture drives me to my knees for men.  God must call these men, and open their eyes.  Good news though there are those out there that will hear the Shepherd’s voice and they will respond for His grace is irresistible.  Jesus said “I have other sheep that are not of this fold.  I must bring them also, and they will listen to my voice”(John 10:16) I am also brought to a place of thankfulness that He called me, that He saved me.  Even now, out of millions lost yet He saved me.  Thank you God! 


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I don’t attend Cornerstone, or have anything to do with VFC, but I am thankful for anyone in Market Square the witnesses without cramming the gospel down peoples throat. The truth of God, having to regenerate and draw the lost, is key to not having an evangelistic approach that (tries to) bully people into the kingdom. God bless you.

Comment by DJ Cimino

So DJ are you from Knoxville? I’m guessing you are if you’re know about the Square. How did you hear about our blog?

Comment by Travis

I am in Knoxville (Lenoir City). I found the blog through the link on Cornerstone’s website. Good stuff, and Knoxville is blessed to have Cornerstone! God bless you all.

Comment by DJ Cimino

Hey Travis…good stuff. Looking forward to attending Cornerstone and hanging out with you guys.

Jonathan Bradshaw

Comment by Bradshaw

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