MANCHURCH by walterp
April 18, 2007, 6:17 pm
Filed under: Leadership

Kevin, all your church dreams have come true! There is now a church for men! In fact, it is the Church For Men. Located in Daytona Beach, FL, this church strives to be the right church for men.

No doubt, they have diagnosed the problem. Men don’t go to church. So, “instead of creating a little outpost of masculinity called men’s ministry, we help churches unleash the masculine spirit throughout the organization.”

The traditional model of men’s ministry has been somewhat disconnected from the church. Church often say (according to Church For Men), “Look boys, we’ve created a men’s ministry for you. Go be masculine in there. But when you come to church on Sunday, check your manhood at the door.”

There is plenty of hilarious stuff on this website! Check it out!


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The link to the manchurch is invalid i think. Could you submit the link through the comments?

Comment by joshcan

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