The Softball by tmaples
April 28, 2007, 12:29 pm
Filed under: Evangelism

by: Travis Maples 

Charles Spurgeon:

“soul winners, try after sermons to talk to strangers.  The preacher may have missed the mark, but you need not miss it.  Or the preacher may have struck the mark, and you can help to make the impression deeper by a kind word.  I recollect several persons joining the church who traced their conversion to the ministry in the Surrey Music Hall, but who said it was not that alone, but another agency cooperating with it.  They were fresh from the country, and some good man — I think he is in heaven now– met them at the gate, spoke to them, said he hoped they had enjoyed what they had heard, listened to their answer, asked them if they were coming in the evening, and said he would be glad if they would drop into his house to tea.  They did, and he had a word with them about the Master.  The next Sunday it was the same.  At last, those whom the messages had not much impressed were brought to hear with other ears, till by-and-by, through the good old man’s persuasive words and the good Lord’s gracious work, they were converted to God.”(The Soul Winner, P. 228) 

I mean they are in our church, they did respond to an invite from someone,  they stayed through worship, even though the person two rows up was dancing around, they sat through an hour sermon where the gospel was preached, you know God’s word won’t return void, and conversion is up to the Holy Spirit.  I think it’s safe to say that God may be at work in their lives if they’re not already Christians.  It’s a softball!  Let’s knock it out of the park.  Let’s introduce ourselves to a stranger this Sunday and say “Hey I’m Pete!  I’ve never met you before.  What’s your name?”  “Well Joe…have you ever heard a message like that before?”  “How does it sit with you?”  “Why don’t you come on over to our place for tea & crumpets.”  Or whatever it is you eat at your place.

4 Things may happen:

  1. They may not be a Christian, and you just had an opportunity to talk with them about the King and they become Christians.
  2. They may not be Christians and they blow you off.  But they’ll blow you off cordially since you’re in church in the Bible belt.
  3. They’re Christians and you get to have some good fellowship with them as the message sinks deeper in your soul the more you interact with it.
  4. They’re already members, and you’ll give’em a good laugh when they tell you they’ve been apart of the church for 10 years longer than you have, and it will encourage them even more that they decided to be members of a church that loves people practically.

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Very good, Trav!!! Love, your wife

Comment by Amy

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