GRAYMATTERS. by walterp
May 9, 2007, 1:57 pm
Filed under: Leadership

Fellas, we must be men of discernment. We must discern good from evil (Heb 5:14). We must not get lost in graymatters, things that Scripture does not address specifically but does give us principles to discern whether it is good or evil.

Eric Simmons, a singles pastor at Covenant Life Church and a speaker at New Attitude, wrote two articles on this very thing, on the gray matters. Here is the link.

The issues he addresses are things like:

  • Is it OK just to fast-forward the sex scene and watch the rest of the movie?
  • Should I smoke a cigar with my unbelieving father?
  • How tight is too tight?
  • Can a Christian play poker?
  • Can I have a beer with dinner?

He goes on. Our first responsibility in discernment is to “Imitate God.”

We want to be like those we love the most. If you love the Father you will desire to be like him in every area of your life. If you love the father you will desire every part of your life to cry out to God that you love him, no matter how great the personal sacrifice.

Seriously, check out this article! It is a breath of fresh air.


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