You Can’t Spell Man Without: Modesty by Travis Evans
May 10, 2007, 6:59 pm
Filed under: Culture

By: Travis Evans

No, I’m not talking about men wearing Speedos. But what is your idea of modesty? As soon as you read the title, what came to your mind?

Men, modesty isn’t just about what you wear or just an issue for girls. Modesty is defined as freedom from conceit or vanity and decency in dress, speech, or conduct. In other words, modesty is freedom from pride. Therefore, an immodest person seeks to draw attention to themself. We should not seek to have the spotlight aimed at us. We should not strive to draw attention to ourselves.

Don’t flatter yourself. Do you, in one way or another and/or at one time or another, think of yourself as more superior than someone else? “I would not have said such a stupid comment.” or “I would have been funnier in that moment. I know how to be funny.” Are you a know-it-all? Do you think that you are the only person who can properly answer any and all questions that someone has, even if they aren’t talking to you? Do you feel the urge to show how much you know about a particular subject when it is mentioned? The fact is is that you and I aren’t as impressive as we think we are.

Look over here! When attention is directed away from you or you are present during a silent moment of a conversation, do you resort to the same joke or action that is historically funny because you want people to pay attention to you? Do you think that people won’t have a good time unless you are present and “keeping things interesting”?

Men, let’s be modest! Let us die to ourselves and be fully humble in every thought and action. Let us see the reality: that we are not great! Let us not seek to draw attention to ourselves.


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Great points trav. Were you thinking about me when you wrote this? I might have done it differently, though. I am, in fact, really smart and witty and funny you know. No emoticon necessary.

Comment by joshcan

Actually, all of this is based on me.

Comment by Squatty

Great post man. This is something I feel I need to apply greatly. Thanks for risking the possibility of being thrown under the bus for the title to remind us to be humble.


Comment by Boomer

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