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June 8, 2007, 12:11 pm
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by Mike Plewniak

“Geology is the study of pressure and time. That’s all it takes really, pressure, and time.” That’s what it takes, we are told by Red in The Shawshank Redemption, for our innocent convict to chip away at the rock that sits between him and freedom. The rock had been weakened over time, and his little rock ax chipped away at it night after night after night.

Not a bad picture of what it means to grow as a godly man. Most of us want to break thru the wall with some dynamite. We want one huge, massive, earth-shattering experience so that we can walk away being a different person then we were the day before. Can it happen? Sure. Does it normally? Nope.

To become a godly man means chipping away at our sin and pride and faithfully applying God’s word to our lives. It means doing devotions, meditating on scripture, applying one truth to one area of our lives day-in and day-out. It doesn’t sound that glamorous and it isn’t! But, after many years of faithfulness, we’ll look back and be amazed and what happend to that wall of sin we were so convinced could not be broken.

Let’s take a test case of New Attitude. If you went to NA, have you applied something you learned there? Have you listened to the messages again? Have you reviewed your notes?

Here is a great place to start (this is from the application cards they handed out):

– What truth has become new to you through the messages? (review your notes, remind yourself of those “wow” moments at NA where you thought you would never be the same after hearing them).
– What needs to change in your life as a result of that truth? (look back at your last family group meeting. what did you share? what did you want to apply? have you done that?)
– How did truth impact you during the worship times?

Becoming godly men takes time. Are you willing to put in the time, pray for God’s help, and begin TODAY being a “doer of the word”? (James 1).


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Geology Rocks!!!!one

Comment by jkelfer

kelfer…you need a life

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