Cracklin’ Salad by Travis Evans
June 11, 2007, 6:34 pm
Filed under: Man Cookin'

This is a country favorite. I have eaten it and recommend this manly version of the “girls only territory” of salads. It’s called “Cracklin’ Salad” because the lettuce cracks when the hot grease is poured over it.


* 1 head of lettuce
* As much bacon as you want


Chop up lettuce and put in bowl. Fry bacon. Chop bacon into bacon bits. Pour bacon bits and all hot bacon grease over the lettuce.


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I can’t even imagine the havoc that must wreak on your digestive system.

Comment by Jonathan Oldacre

Sick! It should be called “Cardiac Arrest, Cholesterol Building, Death Knocking on Your Door Salad”

Comment by Trillia

This is by far my favorite salad! Hot bacon grease on salad, whoever figured that one out is a genius.

Comment by bigplew

Where’s the tomato? Where’s the bread?

Comment by Dave M.

try it then you will know what gooood is :o)
and ya its not meant for pretty boys but only for those of us who enjoy food :o)

Comment by TheKaz

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