Invitation Adventures…. by bigplew
June 16, 2007, 8:22 am
Filed under: Evangelism

by Mike Plewniak


Saturday is usually T-bone’s day to encourage us in evangelism, but since I missed my post yesterday I thought I’d throw this little adventure out to everyone. This is an e-mail from Hannah Poschel who went out with our “2:9 Initiative” from CCK. They’ve been going out on Thursday nights looking for opportunities to share the gospel with people. Travis leads the team, and as you’ll see from this e-mail, he’s doing a great job. Well done, Travis! You not only lead with grace and boldness, but you lead by example — that’s a godly man.

Here’s the e-mail:

hey mike
alrighty- i was told write you and tell you about my experience last night out at market square. first of all- travis maples is doing an excellent job leading this team! i was so affected by his humility, zeal, and love. He did a great job reminding us of the Gospel and helping us see why it is that we were going out to share it with people. at the same time he made it super fun to be there and helped us not take ourselves too seriously.

and as for stories: well the first 2 people that Brendan and I talked to were in highschool and had only been to church a couple of times. They seemed open to talking to us though- and almost seemed grateful that we were sharing the Gospel with them. It was hard to tell how they would respond but it was evident that the Holy Spirit was being kind to us and to them- because God gave Brendan and I peace as we were talking to them and helped us clearly talk with them about their sin and their need of a Savior. and they really seemed to listen attentively.

ok and then brendan and i went to talk to more people. This is travis’ favorite story. Brendan and I saw a guy sitting by himself on park bench so I started talking to him. I asked him what he did (work, school, etc) and he told me he liked to walk around looking at buildings and stuff. He had something lodged next to his bottom lip and it remained there the entire conversation. We started asking him about spiritual things the same way we had with the other people but his responses were quite odd and hard to follow. Despite me asking him various questions, talking about the holiness of God, our sinfulness, and Jesus Christ’s death on the cross, this guy kept responding with very random comments including something about a wet beaver, sunshine, moonlight, nature, etc etc etc……….. this went on for a while. (ask brendan about what the guy actually said- because he did an excellent impersonation) well you know i laugh a lot- and at pretty much anything. and sometimes i get tickled and really can’t do anything about it. something about this guy’s slow, southern drawl (sp?) and his straight face as he looked directly in my eyes- with the chew or whatever still in his lip- and all his random comments- all of a sudden- to my horror- i burst into gails of laughter. oh man i was so embarassed but couldn’t stop for a minute or 2. i tried to apologize and bit my lip to keep myself from laughing more. it was terrible. anyways- I laughed a lot about it later as brendan reinacted the scene.

it was certainly humbling- but overall- the night was soooooooooo good. my faith was certainly strengthened- as I thought about people in my classes that I want to talk to and build relationships with. God reminded me how easy it can be to talk with people and tell them the most astounding and crucial information they’ll ever here. and it really was a blast. I left sooo grateful for our church and for the work God has done in our hearts. on the way home julie beaton and i were basking in God’s grace for providing men like travis, dave stanley, and dave puncochar. they fear the Lord and just being around them helps me to do the same. but they also kept me rolling and made the night super fun.


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