What a Pathetic Loser! Part 4 by Kevin Shipp
June 26, 2007, 2:36 pm
Filed under: Humor

I, Kevin Shipp, being 24 years old and a male, have a Teddy Bear on my bed. Not only that, but I also have a monkey puppet. See the pictures below.

What’s the verdict men? Is it OK for men to have Teddy Bears or other stuffed animals on their bed or in their possession? What if they hold significant sentimental value? Does that make a difference? Is it OK to sleep with a stuffed animal?


PS – I received the Teddy Bear (His name is Cheerios) as a gift when I was in the hospital for stomach problems when I was 2. The monkey (Kumar) was a family favorite all growing up. Its super old, like 25 years old. If that makes a difference… Also, I never, ever sleep with them. When I go to bed, they go on the floor. Always.




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He drinks Silk, has stuffed animals, drives a hyundai, and nearly passes out at the smallest sight of blood…this is manspeak right?

Utterly Shameful!

Comment by jmoore

Stuffed animals?! Ridiculous! And no, I don’t have a stuffed Donatello Ninja Turtle, Where’s Waldo, My Buddy, or Roger Rabbit, thank you very much!

[Well, at least they are under a bed or in a closet at my Dad’s house]

Comment by Squatty

what… a stash of TY Beanie Babies in my closet at home… that’s preposterous.

Comment by boomer

I have to say that I believe the only way a man should have a stuffed animal is if he or one of his friends/relitaves shot it and had it stuffed!

Comment by RobM

Boomer… I am ashamed. Those aren’t just stuffed animals, they are minature stuffed animals. Shameful!

Comment by Chris Melander

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