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July 10, 2007, 9:29 am
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by Mike Plewniak

Since summer is halfway over, what better time to give you some suggested summer reading books? A couple of these I’m currently reading and a few of them I already read. Hope you enjoy!

The Refomation: How a Monk and Mallet Changed the World by Stephen Nichols


This is a great little book I got to read over our family vacation. It’s a great introduction into what the reformation (and reformed theology) is all about. It also looks at the main players of the reformation — Calvin, Luther, Zwingli — reviewing their life and highlights of their ministry. Once I started it, I couldn’t put this book down.

God’s Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts


You got it at Vision Quest, you’ve heard me talk about it time and time again, now it’s time to read it. This little book will transform the way you read your bible. It also portrays God accurately, in his redemptive plan from the beginning of mankind. I can’t recommend this book highly enough or often enough. Just read it.

The Message of the New Testament by Mark Dever


These are Mark Dever’s overview messages of each book of the New Testament. Reading this will give you a good grasp of the authors of each book, the audience they were writing to, and the purpose of what they wrote. This book is also a great resource for the future. Definitely something you’ll want to add to your library.

The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright


This is an interesting, educational read. I just finished it and Walt is now reading it. It gives the background of al-qaeda, what the foundation of their thinking is, and why they are so set on terrorism. It also paints an interesting picture of the CIA and FBI. It is very well written. There were nights I stayed up almost into the morning reading this book.

The Republic of Pirates by Colin Woodard


I just started reading this one. I was interested in this after my wife and I went to Charleston and heard about the capture of some of the pirates. I’m at the point where he is talking about the background of these men, and already it’s much different than I thought.


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