What a Pathetic Loser! Part 5 by Kevin Shipp
July 10, 2007, 9:38 am
Filed under: Humor

I used to like Ace of Base…a lot.

What music is appropriate for men and what is not?


PS – I don’t any more. Ace of Base is absolutely unacceptable .


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I used to have a girly cd, a Savage Garden cd in the 8th grade. I eventually gave it to my sister.

For the last 4 years I’ve listening to Sigur Ros every stinkin’ day (Amazing, untiring music) and this year I’ve been hooked to the new Snow Partol Album (Check out Eyes Open). Good Stuff.

Comment by jmoore

I also thought ace of base rocked… then i found journey

Comment by boomer

Or to make it more accurate….Journey found you!

Comment by bigplew

I think acceptable music must include: blues, good jazz, and probably worship music (though this can get hairy…my wife is listening to Vicky Beeching 24/7, and I question how much I should listen to this?)

In most other catgories, you probably need disclaimers — rock is mostly good, but you got watch out for those love ballads. Easy listening is probably bad for guys, but you have to leave room for the occassional Ray Charles slow song and Lee Greenwood (what guy doesn’t love “God Bless the USA”?)

Obviously, it’s a tough topic.

Comment by bigplew

Some of that worship music borders on prom songs to Jesus though, and they reflect a great big void that men are not filling in the Church today…whoops diatribe.

Steve Perry rules.

Comment by Colin

Prom songs to Jesus 🙂

(Not smiling at the sad reality of it but the wording is pretty funny)

Comment by jmoore

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