Hey! Who are you callin a “obscurantist, superstitious, reactionary”!? by tmaples
August 4, 2007, 12:55 pm
Filed under: Books, Culture

by Travis Maples 

Ouch!  Let’s keep it above the belt there Rich.  Regardless this seems to be the tone Dr. Richard Dawkins‘ takes towards those who believe in God.   According to Dr. Alister McGrath, professor of Theology at Oxford University, the agenda that underlies The God Delusion “is a pervasive belief that science has disproved God.  Those who continue to believe in God are simply obscurantist, superstitious reactionaries, who are in complete denial about the victorious advance of the sciences, which have eliminated God from even the most miniscule gaps in our understanding of the universe.” (The Dawkins Delusion, P.33)  According to McGrath, Dawkins believes the only serious, progressive, thoughtful option is Athiesm.

As I read McGrath’s introduction to and rebuttal of The God Delusion it made me ask myself if I was really as ready as I thought I was to give an answer to the blessed hope that is within me.  It also opened my eyes a bit more to the angry evils that are assaulting Christianity.  Are we equipped to thoughtfully and humbly respond in our own little local spheres?  What I appreciated about The Dawkins Delusion was the thoughtful and humble way he addressed Dawkins.  From the extended quotes that I read from The Dawkins Delusion regarding belief, Dawkins made no bones about his lack of use for such an archaic waste of time.  Yet McGrath didn’t snap back or hurl any “I know you are but am I’s” back at Dawkins.  He carefully and respectfully handled Dawkins’ assaults on belief without tearing down the man himself.  Please know that this new athiesm, this fundamentalist athiesm has teeth and it’s mad folks.  It’s nothing to be scared of.  God is not suprised by this display of aggression against his throne.  Nothing can thwart his plan, and nothing can stop his kingdom from advancing.  However, we need to aware that men like Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and Sam Harris are eagerly seeking out people to convert to their religion of self.  It’s startling to see the vehemence with which they seek to tear down the pillars of belief.  I refuse to call it evangelism but I find it hard to describe the way they vigorously seek to convert others to athiesm.  Their proactive pursuit to make unbelievers is also challenging when I think that only 2-3 % of Christians actively seek to share their faith on a consitent basis.

Here I’ll just let Darwin’s pitbull tell you in his own words what he’s trying to do: “If this book[The God Delusion] works as I intend, religious readers who open it will be athiests when they put it down.”(The God Delusion)   


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