You Can’t Spell Man Without: Creativity by Travis Evans
August 30, 2007, 11:16 am
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By: Travis Evans

Creativity is a gift from God. And, it seems to be lacking around here as of late. Creativity can be applied to all areas of your life. Men are generally seen as bland individuals while women are the creative ones. I say that a man is not a man unless he is creative. Why? Creativity takes thought, intentionality, and time. As men, we should desire to not live in “the same ol’ same ol'” and to add variety to our lives and others. So, how do you become creative?

Pray Seeing as that creativity is a gift, one cannot “churn” creativity out of nowhere. Pray that God would make you a creative person. God loves variety and loves a variety of worship. Pray that, as creativity is applied to what you do, God would receive glory from your creative acts.

Now, we shift into application.

Buy a journal and sketchbook Borders sells a nice, hardcover journal and sketchbook for only $4 each. (They have either a J or S on the cover.) Free time can be spent writing down thoughts and/or sketching and doodling.

Carpe…opportunity [Seize the opportunity] Attention husbands and future husbands, if you find yourself with a day off from work, don’t spend the day playing Xbox while your wife cleans the house. Take this wonderful opportunity to be creative and do something out of the ordinary.

Everyone, look intently for opportunities to be creative. There are so many things around us that can have creativity added to them.

I don’t post this to show what I have done but rather to show God’s faithfulness to creativity (because I do not consider myself a poet and, while writing this, it became a wonderful time of worship) and to hopefully edify you guys with this creative moment.

Twas I

Twas I who saw this Jesus die
for I was one yelling “Crucify!”
Twas I who helped to nail Him there,
as His eyes were fixed in stare.
“Forgive them,” was His only cry.
“Forgive from what?” thought I.
Now, I saw what I had done,
killing the only innocent One.
All of my sins were being brought nigh,
as I killed this One from on high.
Then, I saw the price I must pay
for all my evil that led to this day.
I knew for my sin that one must die.
That’s when I heard Him say, “Twas I.”


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Thanks Travis! I agree with you 100% and thank you for that poem! it really affected me!

Comment by Sagraves...

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