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September 20, 2007, 11:07 am
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Preaching for Atheist: Building a church of unbelief


Al Moher is out to help us discern our culture again. In his article,
“Gen-X Humanism for the Passionately Confused?”- A Chaplain for Unbelief.”
I can attest to the growing nature of evangelistic atheism. They have a similar structure to church with regular weekly meetings and preaching from humanist text. They are also very passionate about spreading unbelief as if it were Orthodoxy. I was given a tract from a group like this here in Knoxville, and the guy I talked to was very passionate. As I was talking to this guy his demeanor went from passionate to militant. It is really wild (that is paradoxical) that one of the biggest reasons he was atheist was his opposition to passionate fundamentalist. And, he was doing the very thing he hated!



What keeps a pastor up at night?


The Na blog has a great post concerning issues that keep pastors up all night. Justin Buzzard wrote a great article called Three Pastoral Concerns in 800 Words. He is the Twenties Pastor at Central Peninsula Church in San Fransisco , CA. The issues he brought up are relevant to all, and will spur your soul to Godliness and Manliness. Just read this article, men!

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