A burning Question by Kevin Shipp
September 25, 2007, 7:41 am
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THIS POST IS INTENDED FOR GUYS ONLY. I am serious. Ladies, please scroll past this article and any comments and enjoy the other articles.


Men, something has been on my mind for years, and I am finally willing and eager to bring it up for discussion.

What’s the deal with guys’ fascination with poop? Some guys may deny it, but most men think that poop is hilarious (and it is!). Most women cringe and gag if you merely allude to poop. Guys can spend hours joking about the size of their bowel movements and telling stories about uncontrollable explosive diarrhea. So, men, share your thoughts.

Why is poop so interesting to us? Why is it so uninteresting to women? Do you have any amazing poop stories we need to hear? Is it wrong to find poop so hilarious?

Fecally yours,



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Call me concerned when ManSpeak talks about poo, but in all reality it is true. Poop is funny. I think it is something that naturally occurs in young boys. Heck my son finds passing gas as funny and he’s only 19 months old! Why women don’t think it’s funny is strange to me. Maybe it really is a guy thing.

Comment by Drew

I don’t know. I can enjoy good poop humor on occasion, but the original drummer of my old band, Set on Edge, used to keep a PHOTO ALBUM of his most fascinating (longest, fattest, biggest, & etc) dookies. It was hilarious!

Comment by Shannon Lewis

Kevin: whether you’re trying to be facetious (not to be confused with “fecetious,” which isn’t even a word) or not, you are making a blanket statement. You’re dealing with stereotypes and generalities, not reality. For example, I know a couple females who fall into fits of laughter at the very word “poop,” whereas I, a male, don’t find it all that humorous. Scatological humor is not a male monopoly.

Comment by Cap Stewart

OK… test this Physcological theory…..when I say a word write down the first thing that comes into your mind…

Lincoln Log Poop

Corn Poop

Cannonball Poop

Machine Gun Poop

Dropping the boys off at the pool

I hope this little test help you come to grips with your manhood

Comment by Greg

Cap, I write for the majority. You can enjoy reading articles more suitable for you here:

Comment by kevin shipp

That’s a great test. Thanks for your wisdom.

Comment by kevin shipp

Well, the real story about why men like to talk about poop is quite simple…it’s all in the word itself.
1. Poop…easy to say, actually fun to say…try it…say it five times, out loud to someone with no explanation as to why…and I bet one of you will be laughing by number the fifth time.
2. Easy to spell. Only 2 letters to memorize. Actually, spelled the same backwards as forwards. Just like other words guys like…boob, kayak, and racecar. (I figured a post on poop is the only place using the word boob would be appropriate.)
3. Universally descriptive mental imagery. A perfect stranger will know exactly what to watch out for if you say, “Don’t step in the poop”, or your wife knows exactly what you mean when you say, “I feel like poop.”
4. In my case, as I am sure is the case for other readers of this post,…starting a family, poop is the main topic of conversation on any given day.

Sidebar: My favorite way announcing the “dirt deed”…dropping a deuce.

OK enough said…I gotta poop.

Comment by SVD

[…] guys at Manspeak have started an interesting discussion that comes from deep down inside the “heart” of every […]

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I think we’re fascinated by it because we can’t give birth. Women can push out babies and poop, so they naturally are more fascinated by the better of the two.

Us? Poop is all we’ve got.

Comment by sadcox

Ok, I have to say that I am engaged to a girl that loves to talk about poop. Cris uses the word “pooty” but the point is the same. One night, during our courtship, after we had been having a quite long spiritual discussion, she transitioned the topic of conversation by asking me what my pooty looked like, how often I went, how long it took, etc.

Honestly, I have rarely seen her as engaged in any conversation we have ever had as her intent fact-finding mission about my pooty. So, as Cap said, it’s not just for guys. But, it should at least be funny to all guys. Sorry Cap.

Comment by psteele

Paul, I don’t remember ever laughing at anything that you have ever said/written.

But, right now, I am sitting at Starbucks crying in laughter at what you just wrote. Also, sadcox had me rolling too. Sad to say, but the topic of “poop, pooty, dropping the deuce” has drawn the most humorous comments yet on manspeak (besides all the feminists slamming Kevin for being a jerk and laughing about it).

Comment by bigplew

I think I am I allowed to comment here…since I have been referenced and since I received a personal phone call from K. Shipp regarding his new discovery that I enjoy talking about “pooty.” Yes guys…the rare girl thinks talking about pooty is quite hilarious as well….

Mike, I’m glad you enjoy Paul’s post!

Comment by Cris

Everyone, I would like to point out that my comment about poop earlier was the means that James and Gabby found out that Cris and I are engaged. I find that quite humorous.

Comment by psteele

Hmmm… I want to improve my yummy sum I have a good fresh joke for you! Did you hear about the farmer who was found guilty of selling rotten fruit? He was judged by his pears!

Comment by Roalmlienlamp

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