The Salesman by tmaples
September 25, 2007, 6:26 am
Filed under: Evangelism

I’m a sales rep. for a company here in town selling Caterpillar equipment.  I’ve been reflecting lately on what a horrible salesman I am.  But I’ve also been aware of how God is blessing my work.  As I was contrasting these two seemingly conflicting truths I realized how much like evangelism my work is.  I go business to business getting my teeth kicked in, with “no”, “no thanks”, “we don’t need what you got” etc.  But I keep going none the less, I go to the next door and strive to be diligent and faithful(most the time).  I strive to put to death the worries that people don’t like me or my own inward thoughts of how uneffective I am.  

This is so much like evangelism because no matter how hard I try I cannot make people buy from me.  No matter how much they like me, or how high or low my pricing, regardless of how much sense my product makes to them they still go a different direction. 

It’s like evangelism because irregardless of these seemingly frustrating truths God still chooses to bless my work.  I get calls on a daily basis from people I’ve never met, nor called on wanting what I got.  The word I spread gets around and my card gets passed around between businesses and people talk.  It’s like evangelism because in a way I can’t control my fruitfulness.  I can only be diligent and faithful to get out there and call on people some receive me warmly, some say “get an appointment” some may look at me with a “who the heck are you” but some are thankful I stopped by and are appreciative for the solutions while eagerly writing down my information.  I never know who’s going to respond what way.  It’s not my technique, I’m not a good salesman, I don’t have a pitch,  and I’m not suave. I can’t make them need what I have.  God has to show them their need.  I’ve just got to be faithful with a desire to serve the people I’m calling on.


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I’d buy from you if I had a yard. However, if you have a small Caterpillar toy that I could buy for Gideon, I’ll get that. He needs some good manly toys. Seriously though, it’s amazing how God works with us in our lives. Though I don’t work with customers I do see that God is at work in my job. The fact that I have a job is the most encouraging thing to me. It shows me that He is faithful and true to take care of His own.

Comment by Drew

i can relate, i have LOTS of experience with all efforts being almost invisible. the conclusion i found was this is one way God will receive all glory, and my pride cannot claim any credit.

Comment by andy

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