“Spurgeon on Leadership” by bigplew
September 28, 2007, 10:53 am
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by Mike Plewniak

I’m currently reading a book with this title by Larry Michael. It’s got some really great points and is interesting to watch as the author applies Spurgeon’s leadership principles to the modern church. I think the highlight of the book so far are the quotes by Spurgeon himself, so I decided to post a few for your benefit. Enjoy.

“We are ministers.  The word has a very respectable sound.  To be a minister is the aspiration of many a youth.  Perhaps, if the word were otherwise rendered, their ambition might cool.  Ministers are servants; they are not guests, but waiters; not landlords, but labourers.”

“Labour to be alive in all your duties”

“Kill yourselves with work, and then pray yourselves alive again.”

“I hope it will never get to be your notion that only a certain class of preachers can be soul-winners.  Every preacher should labour to be the means of saving his hearers.  The truest reward of our life-work is to bring dead souls to life.”

And let me finish with this encouragement from the Prince of Preachers:

“Be diligent in action. Put all your irons into the fire.  Use every faculty for Jesus.  Be wide-awake to watch opportunities, and quick to seize upon them.”


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this is so true, but also easy to burn out on.i have found that using “LOVE for others” as the motivating fuel, always makes it easier to continue serving. whether serving as a dad to his family, janitor at church, or any other. makes no diference, we will grow tired real fast without the fuel of LOVE.

Comment by andy wilson II

Spurgeon’s message is ever relevant to a popular Christianity that has been waylaid by the cultural mores of our time. He is crystal clear in his mandate for pastors to be men of God who bow at no one’s altar. Imagine the idea of “killing yourself” today for the gospel? He only lived to be 57, but in God’s economy, it was a life full of gospel power and fulfilled purpose for the ages.

Comment by L J Michael

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