Worthy Costs Abundant Blessings by tmaples
October 27, 2007, 7:41 am
Filed under: Evangelism, Featured Resource

T Maples 

Piper, missions and Matthew 10:16-31.  He urges us to know the cost and know the blessings of being a Frontier Missionary.

6 Costs:

  1. Being arrested
  2. Family betrayal
  3. Being hated by all
  4. Being persecuted and driven out of town
  5. Being maligned
  6. Being killed

Ten Blessings:

  1. Being sent by Christ
  2. Being given words by the Spirit of God
  3. Experiencing God’s fatherly care
  4. Salvation at the end of it all
  5. Knowing that the Son of Man is coming in judgment and mercy
  6. Belonging to Jesus’ household
  7. Knowing that truth will triumph
  8. Having an immortal sou
  9. Having a heavenly Father who sovereignly rules the smallest details of life
  10. Being valued by God

 HT-Desiring God


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