The Greatest Gift by Travis Evans
December 20, 2007, 2:28 pm
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By: Travis Evans

What would you like for Christmas? An iPhone? A trip to Hawaii? Shoes? A brand new car? Books? Well, I’m getting everyone ONE OF EACH!! Though I would love to be able to do that, I cannot. However, I can give all of you the best gift ever this Christmas. A gift that will never rust nor break nor be stolen; a gift that bears with it eternal consequences and everlasting joy. Whether you have received this gift before or are getting it for the first time, this gift is more precious than all other gifts combined.

To: You
From: Me, with all of my love and care

There is a God in heaven. He is holy and righteous. He is set apart from us, unable to have sin in His presence. He created the entire world, even us. Therefore, He has all authority. However, we have rebelled against Him. We have loved other things and worshiped other things. This is sin. We all have sinned. God is loving, true, but He is also just. He must punish sin. So, there is a problem: we are deserving of God’s wrath because of our sin. Yet, this same God, out of His love, provided a solution that we could not provide. He sent His only begotten Son, fully God and fully man, who lived a perfect life and never once sinned. However, He died on a cross for our sins. He died for the guilty, dying a sinners death. He satisfied God’s wrath so that we may go free. This is good news. Christ paid the price for sin. So that by faith in His death for our sin, we are forgiven of sin, declared righteous by God, and given eternal life.

If you have become a Christian this year, what a wonderful Christmas this is for you! If this gift is only a reminder, there is still no greater gift that I can give you than to remind you of your salvation and God’s mercy, grace, and kindness. May this Christmas be shaped by the most wonderful gift, the greatest gift.


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