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January 12, 2008, 4:16 pm
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by Mike Plewniak

Reading good books is a gift from God. I’ve learned, over the years, that I go through different seasons where the amount I read varies. Sometimes I love reading and try to find every spare moment in my day to grab that good book I can’t put down. Other times I have to discipline myself to read because it’s hard and it’s so much easier to pop on the tv.

I’ve realized that a lot has to do with what books I’m reading. If a book has captured my attention and is well written, it destroys any movie or tv show. I’ve also realized that it’s okay to put down books that I’m not enjoying. For some reason, I thought I always had to finish every book I started — bologna (in the words of my mom). Sometimes it is good to discipline myself and push thru a book so that I can grow and learn something I may not naturally enjoy. Other times, just put that sucker down and try another book. But, what I’ve learned is that I need to always have at least one good book that I am really enjoying. And what happens is, that one book stirs me to read books in other areas and to grow in my love for reading in general.

So, I wanted to recommend a few books that I would not normally read but that have recently grabbed my attention and increased my love for reading. Side note: These books are also in a genre I don’t normally read, fiction. I didn’t think there was a lot of use for it — I stand corrected.

Deadline by Randy Alcorn


After this one, there are two more in this series called Dominion and Deception. I would highly recommend all three. I think Dominion was my favorite.

Safely Home by Randy Alcorn


The Ishbane Conspiracy by Randy Alcorn



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Man I love me some Alcorn. He hooks you after the first page. I almost get sad when I finish one of his books b/c I don’t get to hang with Jake, Clarence or Ollie anymore. It almost feels like you get to know the characters.
And I have to go with Deadline or Deception as my favorite. Safely Home is Amy’s.

Comment by Travis

Have you and Amy read “The Ishbane Conspiracy”? The interns read it together several years ago…half of our meetings were spent talking about the book. It was riveting.

Comment by bigplew

Yes Amy has read Ishbane. That’s the last book I have to read and then I will have read them all. Half of me wants to hold off b/c where do I go from there ya know.
What are some other good fiction books?

Comment by Travis

I highly reccomend “The Ishbane Conspiracy”. It’s quite possibly one of the best fiction books I ever read.
Ironically I read it before coming to Cornerstone and I was amazed at how the character’s lives were changed by the Gospel. It was a concept that I was relatively unfamiliar to me growing up in a church where the gospel was merely a doorway into relationship with god. And thus Christians were characterized by a lack of fruit and unchanged lives.
Looking back it was God preparing my heart to be able to recognize what new creation really looks like.

Comment by J Pud

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