January 23, 2008, 7:49 pm
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By Walt Alexander

In reading a sermon by Martyn Lloyd-Jones, a mid-20th century, superbad preacher, on the infamous scene of Peter walking on water in Matthew 14, I was stunned by a number of things he said. Here are a few.

What is faith – that lunged Peter out of the boat?

The Christian faith begins and ends with a knowledge of the Lord. It begins with a knowledge of the Lord – not a feeling, not an act of the will, but a knowledge of this Blessed Person. There is no value in any feeling unless it is based upon this. Christianity is Christ, and Christian faith means believing certain things about Him and knowing Him, knowing that He is the Lord of Glory come down amongst us, knowing something about the Incarnation and the Virgin Birth, knowing why He came, knowing what He did when He came, knowing something about His atoning work, knowing that He came…

What is nature of continued faith – of walking continually like Peter?

So keep steadily looking at Him. You cannot live on an initial faith – that is what Peter seems to have been trying to do. He started off with great faith and then instead of going on with faith he tries to live on it. You cannot live on an initial faith. Do not try to live on your conversion. You will be done before you know where you are. You cannot live on one climactic experience, you must keeping looking to Him every day. ‘We walk by faith’ and you live by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. You need Him as much on your death-bed as you did on the night you were converted; you need Him all the time.

Ponder that and be stunned with me. And if you want more, buy this.


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That is one of my favorite books. Highly recommended.

No one will have trouble diving into this book.

Comment by jeff moore

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