by Kevin Shipp
February 5, 2008, 7:00 am
Filed under: Humor

First, go vote in the primaries. Really. Go vote.

Second, I said go vote in the primaries.

Third, I would like to take this first post back to explain and set out the format for my upcoming posts.

(Have you voted in the primaries yet? Then go do it, you lazy waste!)

My posts follow an “open foRm” format. What dOes that mean you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you. I chose the word “opeN” because the nature of my posts will be the opposite of closed. Also, because oPen has the word “pen” in it and closed doesn’t. I use the word “form” for an incredibly significant reason. Actually, I think I would rAther leave it oUt. Form can sound too appLicationish, and nobody likes that. So maybe I’ll call it “open format”. Yeah, I like open format. Well, maybe not. It’s sorta geeky. (Did you vote yet, or what?) Let’s just call it “open Form”, and when you think Of form, try to think of like a maRathon runner who has 1988, green/black comPuter screen, peRfect posture and gait. So, my posts will bE very organized as is defined by the previouS dIscourse. I hope you enjoy my highly logical and preDictable post structurE. And, iN case you forgot, go voTe.

Below I have included a graphical representation of the highly sophisticated and complex literary structure of my upcoming posts. Most people will barely be able to scratch the surface of the meaning of my posts due to significant intellectual challenges.


PS – (vote)


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WoulD any One else agRee that mr. Shipp should be ashamed and that his tactics won’t worK?

Comment by jeff moore

I read this then immediately thought about voting for Ron Paul, hmm….odd

Comment by Nathan Simmons

Two things, KevIn. First, thanKs for the enCouragement to vote. Second, no I did not cAst my ballot for the delegatE you so suBliMinally suggEsted.

(Note: just so you Know, the sUbliminal message in tHis post is writtEn as an anagram, LOST-style.)

Comment by Cap Stewart

…and no, “LOST” is not part of the anagram (just to be clear).

Comment by Cap Stewart

I likE tO TalK LiKE tHis!! Oh and Cap is a doofus.

Comment by Squatty

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