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February 8, 2008, 1:56 pm
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by Mike Plewniak

Irish Calvinist recently did an excellent post illustrating the deceitfulness of sin, our sinful nature, and how it can express itself in loving glory for ourselves instead of for Christ. Let me set-up this video for you. This is a video of Kevin Hart, a high school lineman who was dreaming of being recruited and playing for a PAC-10 school. He said he was being recruited by 2 schools — Cal and Oregon. It was a big deal at his high school. It was a big announcement. It made him look important. It was all a lie.

Here is what Irish Calvinist says about this video:

This is truly sad. But we cannot miss the real-life illustration of the depravity of the human heart and the lengths by which we will go to have our glory, even when the end game is clear.

In the aftermath, many in the media are piling on Hart for his defective plan and the effects of his selfishness upon his family, school and even himself. And to be sure he deserves much of what he is getting for it was a ridiculous move. However, I want to point out that the seed of self-glory and the toil of manipulation that spring from the depraved heart really is all the same. The nature of the human heart is to fantasy about self-glory, plan how to make it happen, and then to manipulate circumstances in order to accomplish this.

We are all susceptible to this type of thing even though many of us have not called a press conference to highlight it. It is fitting that his last name is ‘Hart’ as it should cause us to examine our own and see the inclinations toward the enthronement and exaltation of self. Ask yourself who is the hero of your contemplations and meditations? When your mind goes into neutral and you think about life, do you dwell upon the glory of yourself? Others? Christ?


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Those closing questions by the Irish Calvinist are strong. Lately I’ve been asking myself similar questions, particularly “I am the main character of my life or is God (and it truly is His life)?” Often I see that I see myself as the main character and God as simply an interesting character who pops in every so often. It is a sinful perspective and I thank God for graciously allowing me to see it and to repent of it.

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