Accents by Kevin Shipp
February 12, 2008, 7:00 am
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New discussion. Why is it that we attach different connotations to certain accents? For instance we, as Americans, typically think that British accents sound intelligent and classy. A southern American accent (which I have) makes you sound like a huge moron or a hick (which I am). A German accent sounds really harsh. Why do we make these associations? If you could have any accent, what would it be? Which accents do you think are the funniest? Which do you think are the manliest?

Enjoy this video to get you thinking. This little kid speaks in a British accent and seems more intelligent than most kids in America above the age of 13. All because of the accent!



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Scottish is by far the manliest: “BAGH! Only 23 metres!”

The funniest is “Boomerese” – “How are you doing?” becomes “Howyaduin!”

Comment by Squatty

One would wonder Sir Squatty, what the good Dr. Johnson would say about such a benevolent comment regarding the Scottish. While not stooping to the level of the dastardly French, the Scottish are a low sort indeed. My vote would be for those from the lower regions of the South Downs in Sussex.

Comment by Scott the Great

It is a shame that we humans, with our ability to analyze and to experience the greatness of God’s creation, still stereotype and classify people into a particular group based on nothing more than an accent. For instance, I am the whitest guy on the face of the Earth and because of that I am automatically assumed to be uncool. Additionally, the world lies to us and tells us that to be cool, to be trendy, is all the worth you can ever have or hope to have in this very short life.

Diversity gives us all our own unique ways of praising and giving glory to our Lord God. People take differences to group people into a box, but as Christians we should strive to live outside of the box and cling to the cross.

Comment by cynicalmenblog

English for sure!

Comment by chappy

the Irish have by far the best accent. And strangely enough, the Irish are easier to understand with each progressive pint of Guinness.

Comment by SVD

does anyone else think that the little baby looks like drew simmons

Comment by jeremy bryant

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